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  1. u know that song from kill bill vol 1,it was also on a carling advert a little while back i think, how bout etuhwoo hoo hoo hoo etuhhwoo hoo hoo hoo and so on...  
  2. i dont know how the hell jarrett managed to get the same rating as huddlestone as whilst i was listening to the commentary it sounded as if it was jarrett that was always losing the ball everytime we looked like going forward as he was too slow on the ball,he played the worst and still managed to get the best rating,how does that work???
  3. hes on loan cos hes been injured for god knows how long and i dont think liverpool want to risk putting him in goal to regain his fitness as he is less likely to be at his best hence thats y he has been loaned out so when he returns he can be played and has a few games under his belt so he can be at his best
  4. There''s no point in remniscing about what could or should of happened.we are 21st in the league and thats it,we need to now fink bout changing that.quit living in the past and look at now and the future
  5. great idea hulk hogan, maybe we should do the same for huckerby, green and all of our best players  
  6. i am hoping even more now that wigan get relegated if he goes there as he now is just desperate to go to any premiership club and is taking a huge risk by going to a team which is likely t6o be down the bottom and have a season like we did last season. and i just want to be able to laugh at him if we go back up and wigan go down
  7. I would like to see doherty instead of fleming as he does look very good when he plays for ireland so i think he could do a good job for us in the championship otherwise i would like to see someone els brought in to play instead
  8. I would much rather be singing our current huckerby song that that one evil monkey
  9. its is a good draw for me to,i live in oxford so anywhere close to that was good for me
  10. In definatley worthy has taken us from a team that was strugglin for survival in what was division 1 and won us the title. not many managers can crack the premiership first time, so give him his time and i bet next time we will do better when he knows what to expect
  11. that result actually means the complete opposite as it gives manure more incentive to rest players for the f.a. cup final, as there is absolutly nothing to play for against southampton. but it doesnt really matter just as long as we manage to try n pick up the three points at fulham
  12. well wiz keep the magic up to carry it on to the most important game of them all
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