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  1. It''s a risk, but a calculated one. The contract is only til the end of the season, and because Bryan loves this club I don''t think he would stay if he wasn''t successful anyway. He''s bringing in two hugely experienced coaches and he has a hotline to this country''s most successful manager in Fergie. He has all the qualities required to be a good manager, and it is now our responsibility to do everything we can to help. OTBC!
  2. It''s a lasr resort, but if nothing else will get rid of Worthy then we should do it. I was part of the protests to get Chase out all those years ago, and I boycotted home matches and went to away ones. Therefore I still supported my team without giving the club any money. I was hoping that we weren''t going to have to resort to such drastic measures again, but see no other way to make the board act.
  3. I understand your point, but I have little enthuiasm for the team the way they are currently playing and it''s not as if we have anything left to play for, We are destined for mid-table this year. If we were fighting relegation or promotion it would be different. And if the noise and support inside the ground was the same as before, the board wouldn''t care about any protest outside, they would just continue to say it was a small minority. I''m not happy about this situation, but something has to be done, and I can''t just cheer along my team like everything is OK. This season has just been so depressing. We have finished lower in the table before, but then we didn''t have the players we have now, the relative financial security, the attendances and support. We deserve better
  4. I think Skipper is helping the Worthy Out protest, but alienating everyone who he disagrees with. The man ain''t no politician!
  5. Supporting your football club doesn''t mean you have to put up with whatever the club/team do. I have never booed a player in a city shirt, and I have travelled all around the country to see my team lose, giving up precious time and money to do so. Therefore I clearly support my team and I am entitled to my opinion. If we got relegated to the conference (which I pray never happens!!) I would still go week in week out, and would still care enough to speak out.
  6. Yes, a very patronsing post. I pay my money, I have supported this team for years, I have a right to voice my opinion - BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO MY FOOTBALL CLUB. You are entitled to sit on the fence, that doesn''t make you a better supporter.
  7. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Those of us protesting have the football club at our heart and are actually prepared to do something about it. i''ve been going to matches for 16 years and it''s clear to me something is obviously wrong and a change is needed.
  8. I admire loyalty, I think it is a great character in people. However I don''t think having head stuck in the past/sand is a good quality. If we continue to slouch down the table, do you think all our decent players will stay at the club? How are we going to attract further talent to a under-performing team playing unattractive football? Unfortunately as fans we have very little ways of showing we are unhappy, and the only truely effective ones are not going to games or renewing season tickets (which most of us don''t want to do) or protesting (be it in silence or very vocal fashion) I pay my money, I travel all round the country, I have stcuk by my team through the dark Hamilton days, I have shown ''infinite patience'', but enough is enough. i can''t stand by and watch my football team be destroyed. We were a championship winning side, we''re now mid-table and and often outplayed. The trend is downwards, and inaction is not acceptable.
  9. Although I didn''t go to Palace yesterday (too many bad memories) I did go to QPR and Derby and Hull, all of which were woeful perfomances - QPR was the first time I actually began to think about getting rid of Worthy. However with his history at the club I didn''t join in with the Worthy Outters, I though he derserved a chance. I went to the matches over Xmas and New Year, and thought perhaps there was hope (though we were awful against Leicester. and only won because they were even worse) But all that hope was soon dashed. The transfer window was depressing, only the last minute signing of Earnie showed any ambition - and what a waste of money has that been, with the football we have been playing? And how come Dowie can get AJ to commit to Palace, when Ashton couldn''t wait to leave us? (I''m not defending Ashton, he proved how meaningless a contract is). And who was our best player during December and January? Paul McVeigh. His reward? Being relegated to the bench. The point is the longer we go on performing so badly the worse the effect on the confidence of the squad, the more the future of the club is damaged. You don''t just keep ploughing along with the same team/tactics that aren''t working you change something. And if the manager has no ideas then perhaps he''s not the right man for the job.
  10. Surely the point that they DON''T work, proves that he doesn''t know what he''s doing. It''s his job to motivate the players, and he clearly isn''t doing that. It''s his job to pick the team, and the team he''s picking is getting thumped by supposed fellow promotion hopefuls, He has said himself that as the manager the buck stops with him.
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