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  1. Does anybody know any truth behind these two players, becoming Norwich players in january. i sit in the upper barclay and against sunderland i heard a lot of talk about these two players being seen up colney midweek and signing either loan contracts or contracts which will see them here at carrow road full time. I am just wondering if there is any truth behind this story! 
  2. [quote user="alex_ncfc"] No question. Relegation places if it means getting rid of this clown. [/quote] you are obviously not a true supporter . why in hell would you want this club to be in relegation posisting place, yes worthy do need 2 go but that is just taking it too far. 
  3. [quote user="canary cherub"]Where I sit in Lower Barclay E Block some chant his name, but they are all muppets up there and tried to support the team last season too!!! Heard it at Torquay on Tuesday too!! You would think they would have more sense!! Rubbish football!!! Rubbish signings!!! Worthy Out!!!![;)][/quote]   what so lee croft was a rubbish signing then "canary cherub"
  4. yes . hes doing a good job this season so far and he has brought in a quality coach,  theres no reasons for any worthy-outers
  5. he should go play for a f**k*** club where he wants to be at .  
  6. [quote user="Herb"][quote user="Ernie"] My girlfriend who is unfortunately an Ipswich fan, went to the game and complained that they spent the whole match hoofing it up to a small man up front. Does this sound familiar, who is their first team coach again? May be coincidence, but makes you wonder!! [/quote] Agent Foley is working his magic - think of it as payback for Hamilton :) [/quote]   foley isnt the ipswich first team coach ,  get your facts right
  7. yes i was at the games thank you as i am an away season ticket holder, there has been many games i have been to and roger mumby will stand outside the ground where the norwich fans are coming out.  i have spoke to roger on many ocasions and roger will give a very honest opinion on the game and also on how the players performed. so before you start saying stuff  "stortford canary" you need to get your facts right becasue if you go to the away games roger mumby is always outside the ground after the game and talking to the norwich fans about how the game went.      
  8. why do worthigton keep bringing croft of when huckerby was very poor and looked very unfit.  i spoke to roger munby after the game and he agreed that huckerby was unfit and very lazy and he didnt want to cause marc edworthy any problems dwn the left flank. we should of brought huckerby of and put mcveight on the left,    huckerby was very poor. another view about the game was that dohertys goal he got disallowed was because he was climbing over the defender , but all game doherty was doing that and he didnt get pulled up once after the goal for it so i though the referee was very poor.  the referee didnt want to book any derby players until he really had to but he was jumping at the chance to book any norwich player
  9. leon is part of norwich city, and worthington should of offered him a new contract . i can understand leon wanting to hand his transfer request in becasue he is not playing and now worthigton wants to bring in a target  man it would mean leon being even further back in the petting order .  
  10. every time i read the message boards after we have won a game you still want worthy out. is he really that bad no he is not now we have a new first team coach i think things are looking brighter and hopefully beacuse we should we will finish in the top six . why dont you get behind nigel worthington becasue worthington is still a good manger and he still aint finished his job here at norwich becasue hes still got to  get us back in the premiership and with the fans backing he can do that.
  11. news from a club insider has told myself  that norwich turned down joe jordon as the new first team coach to replace the departed steve foley. joe jordon was offered a 3 year contract from cheif executive neil doncaster but the hapless nigel worthington didnt want joe jordon to replace steve foley.
  12. you cant ask for a more honest man then steve foley. i know steve very well and i can not believe that the club are terminating his contract and not the managers.  steve is very well known around carrow road and especially at away games he will take time out and come and speak to the fans.  it looks tho as if steve is taking the blame for such a poor season when we all know that it is nigels fault .  the reason probly is that steve isnt far enough up Delia''s ass like nigel is. thank you steve for 10 fantastic years and you certainly will be most not just at carrow road but also around the training ground. i hope your health will be back to full fitness and i wish you every success in the near future and hopefully you become an assistant to a better manager then nigel "useless" worthington
  13. go to morrisions before the game and get a pack of 4 pie''s 4 half the price of one at carrow road and they are freshly made still warm when you eat them and taste even better then the rubish sold for about £2 for 1 at carrow road....... apples turnovers are the best from morrisions tho...
  14. lucky green trainier said it all in 1 his heart is in the right place he will always try and also try and give 100% what ever the performance but he just have not got any quality on the ball he is certainly not the worst player at the club because dikson ethutu is here
  15. maybe we are turnin a corner, the performance still wasnt good enought by a long way but the result was what mattered at the end of the day there is not 1 manager out there at the moment who currently isn''t in a job who is good enought to take this club forward, maybe worthington has took this club as far as he can take them but there is no point sacking a manager having a caretaker boss for a couple of weeks then installing a manager with no qualities or any experience. so if the club are to stick with worthington, we might as well do what the norwich fans are best at doing "get behind the team" not sayin get behind worthy but or we can do is get behind the team and see them playing like the old norwich we know
  16. yes you are able to fly people in if its in a 1 hour distance of travel why are''nt we doing this already then
  17. lets sing on tuesday night "if you want worthy  out stand up if you want him out stand up" the board might see the amount of people that are fed up with the poor quality of the football, the crap tactics and the bringing in of s**t players and just maybe they might start to relise the fans fustration.  
  18. she would atleast get the team motivated, a few glasses of cherry before the game and the players would be buzzing, she could use her recipe book to bake up a decent football player better than the *** which worthington is bringing in,  
  19. its got to be IAN FARROW everything he says i agree with 100 % and before he post something he knows exactly what he is on about  
  20. definetly koumas on his day he is a premiership player, and cardiff would be nothing without him. i can''t belive people think that andy johnston is a quality player,  he maybe scoring goals for fun but hes only scoring penalties for fun which he has done a superman dive to win. lets all do the johnston la la la
  21. i disagree for 1 reason, what good is it going to have on the players. if there is going to be any protest it should be after the game it will do the players no good hearing "worthy out" or every fan holding up a white hanky it will just make them play even worst then what we already are
  22. why is it that the board are not listening to the fans.  at a football club the most important thing after the team is the fans, it is the fans that pay good money to watch the games and are entitled to there say, so can anybody tell me what the relationship is exactly like between the board and worthington do the board hear after the games that the team is boo''d of because of there dismall performance, do the board see the protest outside the city stand. if the board dont listen to the fans sooner rather then later this football club will be even worst then it already is at this present moment in time.
  23.  i couldnt agree with you more,  they even had the cheek yesterday at the game at half time to see if anybody would like to donate money to the new tactic zone up colney to develop the tactical side of the game to our younger players but because worthington dont give them a chance what fan is going to want to donate money. 
  24. well i know norwich played long balls all day yesterday but is earnshaw simply good enought, this happened continuously yesterday that earnshaw would wait for the ball to come to him and if it didnt he would look for a foul which in this division is just not good enought earnshaw must learn quick that in the championship you dont have the time and space to piss about with the ball where in the premiership you will have that extra touch avaliable enless earnshaw realises that he must do this,  he will be another poor signin of nigel worthington and a waste of 3.5 millon which we could of spent on another decent defender and a striker who know all about the championship game.
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