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  1. Haggerdoo

    Now Hanley is injured

    Zimbo is back for tomorrow plus we have Amadou who can play centre back too - not the worst bit of injury news we've received this season ;-)
  2. Got to be a better bet than that dullard Hughton
  3. Haggerdoo


    Wonder what that means for Hanley?
  4. Haggerdoo

    Canary Bond holders

    Interesting to revisit some of the comments when the bond was first announced
  5. Been a bit of a loose cannon recently - got unnecessarily booked against West Brom, the embarrasing behaviour before the Sheff U penalty then the headbutt issue with Bamford - Just hope he can keep his cool (and a clean sheet!) in the intense derby atmosphere on Sunday
  6. Haggerdoo

    Next 5 Games

    I'd be happy with 10 points from 5 games but could be a tough ask if we continue our bad run of injuries
  7. Haggerdoo

    Pete Shelley

    Saw Buzzcocks at West Runton Pavillion near Cromer in November 79 (those were great days for music!) - Joy Division with Ian Curtis were support - RIP Pete
  8. Seven more games takes us to the half way stage of the season - how many points do you think we have once we've played 23 matches? Next 7 games are: Millwall (h) Swansea (a) Hull (a) Rotherham (h) Bolton (h) Bristol C (a) Blackburn (a) I'm going for 4 wins and 2 draws and one defeat - 14 points which would put us on 44 points - if we can repeat that in 2nd half of the season it's 88 and probably an automatic promotion spot (yes It's a big ask I know plus we're no longer under the radar so everyone will be out to beat us). Looking good at the moment, let's hope we don't suffer too many major injuries as things are ticking along very nicely at the moment. OTBC
  9. Looking back on this now I'd be disappointed with 44 points - good chance of 46 plus at half way stage
  10. Haggerdoo

    Final 2 games for Ipswich

    Exactly mate - too many on here seem to be more concerned with Ipswich than our own exciting journey - gets more like TWTD on here everyday
  11. Having listened to Webber''s interview and had a read of the investment literature I''m going to have a punt - I appreciate there is an element of risk but the return of 5% is decent. Just wondered how many other posters on here will be investing - just a yes or no will do.
  12. Haggerdoo


    What - as if £2.5 million a year salary isn't enough of a reward! - imagine what £5 million could do for grass roots football - constant premier league greed from clubs, agents and players is killing the game
  13. Haggerdoo

    Pukki to Turkey ?

    What would be a decent fee for him as things stand - £10 million?
  14. Must be one of our best league runs ever - a real turn around considering we had just 5 points from first 6 games.
  15. He''s had more than 50 league games and it just isn''t getting any better - continually shipping goals for fun. Fell out with Oliviera and thinks Srebny is a championship striker - time to go Daniel the numbskulls have had enough!
  16. Totally agree - Millwall, Rotherham and Bolton at home may sound like a nailed on 9 points - but these are all very physical sides who will come to park the bus - we should have enough about us these days, but it won't be as easy as some may be expecting
  17. Haggerdoo

    Farke IS the problem

    I'm more than happy to hold my hands up and say I was wrong - but I don't think I was the only one with those sort of feelings at that particular time. It's easy to be a smart ar$e after the event and score points
  18. Haggerdoo


    One of Farke's weaknesses is not making subs early enough - this would help ease workload and chance of injury - Pukki looked totally knackered in games before he eventually got injured playing for Finland and why keep pushing Cantwell for full 90 minutes game in game out when you have more than capable replacement in Vrancic sitting on the bench.
  19. Haggerdoo

    Pete and co, thankyou

    Nice work - great improvement - loving the edit and ignore functions
  20. Haggerdoo

    I never realised

    All those great match reports - you could put them into a book
  21. Haggerdoo

    Great performance tonight

    [quote user="hogesar"]I would be extremely surprised if Vrancic left in January.[/quote]

    Yes would be disappointed if that happened - think he deserves a start ahead of Steiperman who hasn''t been at his best in last couple of games
  22. Haggerdoo

    Team tonight

    Played really well - shame about poor end product from Srbeny and Rhodes
  23. Haggerdoo

    Score prediction v Bournemouth

    I''m sure both teams will make a few changes from the weekend - will be a good challenge for us and hopefully an entertaining game.

    I''m going for 3-2 Bournemouth
  24. Haggerdoo

    Next likely Youth Product?

    Mourgos starting to shine on loan - couple of goals and man of the match performances recently