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  1. Definately, Nigel Worthington, the man was so pig ignorant it was untrue ! oh yeah, i almost forgot he was bloody useless too !
  2. [quote user="ShrewsCanary"]Why on earth would people want Worthy back, i just dont get it!? [/quote]   Neither do i, if Worthington came back there would be civil war at this club.  I reckon city fans would end up fighting with each other in the sands !! Ridiculous suggestion. 
  3. I''m sorry but its so called fans like you that are dragging this club down.  Delia Smith is getting away with murder here but still people like you are ignorant to the dire situation this club finds itself in.  This isn''t a team its a rabble mascarading in yellow n green ! Get your rose coloured glasses off and wake up !!
  4. hordes of city fans will pack carrow road and scream for DELIA bloody Smith, her cronies and Roeder to get out of our club !! but in reality, a few brave soles will shout disaproval words towards her and as usual be frowned upon and abused by the idiots that are prepared to see this club rest on its laurels and do nothing !! This club is a disgrace ! 
  5. We don''t have any strikers to get the goals we need so i''m afraid it''s going to be us. Doncaster Norwich Charlton
  6. Spot on Clint ! now get back down into the trenches before those happy clappy delia lovers, oh bless her, get you !
  7. Well we have a creative genius called Mark Fotheringham who might just propel that bit further up the table.  Tell Jim to get up the A12 sharpish !! Oh yeah, one more thing - where were you at carrow rd !? ha ha  
  8. Delia Smith and her cronies are presiding over the worst mess this club has been in for decades and needs to either be replaced or removed...end of. They have destroyed the passion and will of the average NCFC fan to the point where a significant amount including myself are so distressed by what they see they just can''t bring themselves to watch City anymore.  Listen Phat whether we stick Roeder or not with the current regime in place its not a matter of "if" we go down "it''s when" !    
  9. Whether Roeder is sacked is neither here nor there with me.  His position is almost untennable anyway so i think the inevitable will occur. It''s what happens afterwards that worries me and the Board getting away with it yet again.  If we draft a new man in and results pick up this abysmal shower will carry on slowly wrecking our club.  People just don''t seem to get it !!!
  10. [quote user="PhatCanary"] At 14:00 next Saturday we need to be standing outside the main doors of the City stand calling for Glen Roeder to be sacked,the board are at fault for the clubs fall but we are not in the finacial position to get rid of them but with the fans standing together and calling for Roeder to be sacked at least the board might act now, a new manager could save us from relegation this season because at the moment with Roeder we are very much heading down.Please stand and be counted and lets get rid of this pathetic manager! I don''t think the crowd on Tuesday will be large enough for a protest to happen but come the 17th we need to have thousands oustide the ground calling for change. After Today, how anyone can still support Roeder is beyond me! [:@] [/quote] I completely disagree with this post as the sacking of Roeder will let this wretched Board of ours "off the hook yet again". City fans should be demanding change at Board level after years of abject failure and empty promises.  Roeder is a useless manager i''ll grant you that but who appointed him !?    
  11. Morning Scummer, two more points dropped at home yesterday i see !
  12. For the sake of the club PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT!!! No....JUST GET THE HELL out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just go now we''re all sick of this shower.    
  13. The West Brom under 3s Kindergarten 5 a side team would easily beat this bunch of losers !
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