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  1. I think sheded has been watching wire in the blood ! Hopefully they catch the sicko in Ipswich within the next few days,but it does seem that he may only prey on prostitutes as they''re gonna get in his car more than anyone else.
  2. Are you the chick in the picture ??? Or is it your missus ?
  3. I think it''ll be one of the best partnerships in the championship this season if worthy plays them both together !!! What do you think ?
  4. I''d be Huckerby,as been told i''m his double.....only difference being is i play on the right,but just as quick as him anyday !
  5. ray ducker i know loads about football thanks very much and remember the good times,i''m not happy with this shite at the mo but all i was saying is that it''s not entirely worthy''s doing ! If he stay''s or goes i don''t think much will change
  6. Bet if Worthy stays we''ll be promoted next season,who do you think would do a better job then people ???
  7. I''ve been a Norwich fan for about 18 years now and have been looking through this forum. Why the hell do you lot get on Worthy''s back all the time ? It''s not his fault when we lose games,it''s the players. If you lot are there shouting worthy out and booing the team when we win (Brighton) do you really expect to make the players feel 100% confident/motivated ? The fact is that we were playing premiership football last season and everyone including myself thought we''d bounce straight back up again,but,that has''nt happened and looks unlikely of us making the play off''s aswell,but come every game we should all get behind the team and manager not against them,then i''m sure the results will come ! So there
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