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  1. Flybe are the main operator out of Southampton Airport, which has boomed over the last couple of years, entirely because of Flybe. They are much bigger there than Norwich.
  2. 1. Should you have made the play-offs this season? No way. We''re lucky to be as high up the league as we are. 2. Is this season a big dissapointment to you after being in the Premiership last term? Big time. Even though we got beaten a lot last year, we played good football. We drew a lot of games, and if we''d have had Ashton from the start of the season would have stayed up. This year, we can''t even play.   3. What are your thoughts on Nigel Worthington? Did a good job for us in his first 4 years. Started making some obvious errors of judgement last season. This season, has been shockingly bad manager. Has made at least 6 awful signings since we''ve been relegated, which have not only cost the club a lot of money up-front, but has turned us into an average Championship team. He has no idea of tactics, as demonstrated by his awful away record since he has been at the club. He cannot formuate a game plan.   4. Were you right to sell Deon Ashton? Yes, he was too good for what we have now become - an average Championship team - and he knew it, so did not want to be here anymore. No point having a quality striker until defence and midfield sorted.   5. And hows his replacement, Robert Earnshaw, doing? Not a direct replacement, even though bought as one. Was signed to appease the fans. We do not play to his strengths. Has scored reasonable amount of goals, and could prove to be a legend once we have a new manager who sorts the midfield.   6. Your away form doesn''t seem too cracking - any reason for this? Nigel Worthington.   7. Who are your danger men? Huckerby, Mckenzie (injured) and Earnie   8. If you could take one Wednesday player to Norwich who would it be and why? No thanks.   9. If you could send one Norwich player to Wednesday who would it be and why? Special offer: buy 1 get 5 free! Dickson Etuhu, Andy Hughes, Peter Thorne, Simon Charlton, Jason Jarrett, Carl Robinson    10. What''s your most memorable Owls V Canaries match? Wednesday 0 Norwich 5   11. Do you think Wednesday will stay up? Yes   12. What do you think the score will be? 2-1 to Wednesday  
  3. One question - why would he leave Watford to come here? No major differences between the clubs in size. Why would he make what is basically a sidewards step? The only way he would leave Watford right now is if a Premier club came knocking. That''s the whole problem with sacking Worthless. You need to do it at a time when you are confident there is a better replacement available to come in. Right now there probably is no such person. Expect some managerial changes in the summer at other clubs, and that is when Nige will depart. I think there will be an emerging trend of managerial changes in the close season.
  4. Getting rid of 9 players will leave us with the same kind of issues we faced this season ie wholesale changes, with players taking time to settle etc. We would get no money for those 9 players, but would have to spend a fortune in paying the departing players off, signing on fees, agents fees etc to sign 9 players of a similar "quality". We already have a small squad, which is where players like Fleming, Hughes, Robinson, Louis-Jean will come in. They will be good back-up players. Charlton, Thorne, Ward and Henderson on a season long loan should all go IMHO
  5. I think Shacks also played left back away to Derby and did OK. I think we lost by Green making a howler.
  6. I have often contemplated a pay system based on what you get. If the team wins you pay £30, draw £20, defeat £10 etc. Only problem is, the Club would have to enter into a contract with every paying fan, which would be complicated.  It would be possible for season ticket holders and members. Would need a very brave club to do it, which would never be us. I can''t think of any other industries with similar systems...
  7. I wouldn''t be so sure. I think we will see a repeat of the end of the season when Mike Walker was sacked. Once relegation was no longer possible, and despite a couple of 5-0 wins against poor opposition, he was sacked. He was sacked at the optimum time, to give the board as long as possible to find the best replacement, whilst not unduly unsettling the club by doing a panic sacking. I think the Board will have already made their decision to terminate Nigel''s rolling contract. He will go just before the end of the season.
  8. King Canary - if it''s OK to drop Thorne, why is it not OK to drop Hughes? Do you know that Hughes has a more fragile state of mind than Thorne? Do you think that NCFC are a charity, and that we shouldn''t be fielding our best players for each match:   Green   Rainman Doc Shackell   Drury WLY Safri  Robbo   Hux Earnie Mckenzie Subs: Gallagher, Thorne, JJ2, Hughes [U],  Fleming That is the team I would like to see. However, I can see a lot of advantages of naming an unchanged team. We have been forced to chop and change all season, which is one of the reasons we have been so awful. There is a debate to be had over 4 positions - Flem/Shacks at the back. In midfield, Etuhu or Robbo or Hughes with Safs. Right mid WLY or JJ2. In attack Earnie with WLY or Thorne or Mckenzie or JJ2 or even Ryan Jarvis, who has 3 months to earn himself a new contract. What is shows is at last we have a reasonable choice.  
  9. Just an observation, as not been to last 2 matches - but I''ve noticed the pinkun has had WLY on the short-list for MOTM from the last 2 games, and the little guy has been a sub in both matches. To be rated in the top 6 performers for 2 consecutive matches when you''re only on the pitch for around 20 mins, is either very impressive on the wee guys part, or a bad reflection on the performance of the other players. I don''t want to open up another WLY debate - just an observation, that should influence any teams for Derby posts.
  10. I think we could be fielding one of our strongest teams this season, now that we have most players available for once. What is the smallest number of payers we have had unavailable for any one match this season? I don''t remember a time when it was less than 5 or 6. Even the bench looks quite strong - not quite yet Chelski standards, but getting better. Unavailable: Ward, MLJ, Charlton Green Fleming   Doc   Rehman   Drury JJ   Robinson   Safri   Hucks/Mcveigh   Earnshaw   Thorne Subs: Gallagher, Mcveigh/Hucks, Etuhu, Leon, Shackell Never to be seen again if everyone stays fit: Jarrett, Colin, Henderson, Hughes Assumes Fleming is passed fit, and Robinson and Safri have enough match fitness
  11. I was thinking about this on the way home. I don''t think the Madjeski was the place for Worthy out chants. Those sort of chants are not appropriate in someone else''s back-yard. They should be reserved for home matches - preferrably after the match, with a mass sit-in. It would have fallen on deaf ears tonight, and would have been drowned out at laughed at by the Reading fans. It needs to be started at a home match, but not to affect the team. It was so depressing tonight to hear the Reading fans knowing they are going up. It reminded me so much of 2 years ago, and out performance illustrated just how backwards we have gone. Our tactics tonight were non-existant. We changed nothing to try and get something from a game against the best team in the league, away from home. We went into thinking we still have the best squad on paper in the league, and that all we had to do was turn up with our 4-3-3, starring Colin, Charlton, Hughes and Etuhu and we would walk it. Unbelievable Greeno must be gutted he didn''t get his move..
  12. Etuhu showed glimpses of why he has been signed, but in 1st half especially demonstrated why he is so frustrating. I was watching him, and he spends so much time watching the game by go around him. He only looks like he can be bothered when he actually has the ball. He was our only midfield player making forward runs (but only when he had the ball). At one point he was our most forward midfield player whilst we were defending, and then quickly became the deepest player when we were attacking. Has Worthy given him instructions, or is he really as lazy as this board would believe??? He showed that he has the potential to be good for us. I think he needs someone playing alongside him to wind him up a bit and to shout at him all the time. I tried but I don''t think he could here me above the continuous Reading goal celebrations
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