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  1. I''m sure he would have stayed for at least another season if we had stayed up. But we didn''t and the rest is history.
  2. I was very happy with the Rehman and Johansson signings. I''m just not conviced with the Earnshaw signing, but maybe that is because I have never liked him. Lets hope this is the kick start for a play off push.
  3. [quote user="Paul Rankin"]The clock is ticking, gotta be before the end of the season aint it!![/quote] I don''t think he will, because Worthy job depends on the Earnie transfer being successful.
  4. I don''t feel we need Davenport if Shackle starts playing again soon.
  5. Am I the only one who is not convinced by this signing. He has hardly played all season and we have just paid £3million[:O] He is a very similar player to McKenzie, and McVeigh although he may be slightly more skillful? There is no way he can be compared to Ashton, and is no where near a more natural goal scorer. So you will have to play one of 3 above with Johansson (Think this was a better signing)  or Thorne (Donkey) I hope I am wrong, at least for the Ipswich game[6] I just feel this could be another signing that proves Worthy can''t be trusted with money in his pocket.
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