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  1. i went with some uni mates to peterboro on tuesday evening and boothroyd i am certain was in the directors box there, surely a clever man if he can be in two places at once??
  2. [quote user="biggleyellow"][quote user="can u sit down please"] Just read on http://norwichcity.myfootballwriter.com/full_article.asp?i=1945&w=25&a=0&part=1 that a  new coach will be unveiled in the next 48hrs. The articles reads that "the new guy is only 28 and he wants to manage already,i want ambitious people around me". Age doesnt bother me one bit.If he''s good enough he is old enough, just wondering who it could be? Is it a recently retired ex pro? I aint a clue....... any ideas? [/quote] Come on lets play a guessing game, who is it? I aint got a clue, he could be a non league player who is well thought off, remember Alex Ingleton, well thats what I think his name was. He was a non league player or something alike, he managed Exeter and is no in charge of Spurs youth or similar, could be a decent move, wonder if the experiance players would relate to him,   How about Alex Notman, Mulryne, can''t think of any players who have had to retire, or have they? I''m running on... [/quote]   You have got a clue, he is 28!!  Alex Inglethorpe at Exeter is who i think you mean mate
  3. keeley hazell takes mouthful of bacon roll or hucking marvelous, darren''s derby day winner
  4. doomcaster and mumbles looked fairly happy together at Cambridge services at 8.35pm on Monday night!!
  5. surely an ''official'' approach would have to have been made to interview anyone in contract, these are normally all over the media if a club receives one???!???
  6. have to say i have long given up buying a programme, does anyone have the % figures for this season to hand that they can post up - would make interesting reading
  7. would prefer him as manager rather than working in the ticket office!
  8. cant imagine ol'' nick ross from crimewatch being to happy when he reads this, the beeb slung him out for being to old!
  9. Wasn''t the Turners £2m to cover the shortfall from parachute payments not for transfer fund, ive been on holiday for a few weeks so pardon me if this changed in my absence
  10. If the FA were to use Wembley as a massive cash cow would it not then be in their interests to sell these tickets rather than hold them back? People are to easy to criticise, Derby and WBA are both midlands clubs, not many miles further apart than Norwich and Ipswich, a local derby in some respects, who can blame the authorities for not taking a chance on fans mixing, imagine if trouble broke out and our beautiful game was stained further at what has become a ''showpiece'' occasion in the football calendar. As for the Premier League, remember that they put alot of money into the FA which is then used to development of the grassroots of the game, another fact which is lost on some!
  11. Granty always like a hard tackle as a player
  12. [quote user="Hardhouse44"] Can''t see him wanting to go from one championship team to another. Given how religated teams have struggled to produce in the following season I just couldn''t see it.   [/quote] They really struggle, Brum 1st, Sunderland 2nd, WBA 4th, sorry to be picky but facts are facts
  13. How do you know he was awesome, you are only recycling some one elses opinions
  14. I might be wrong but am pretty sure both clubs have to agree ticket prices in the FA Cup. Also remember that gate money is split so that both clubs get 40% each - I think we''ll happily take that!!!
  15. [quote user="Loughborough Canary"]I can see where Adams is coming from, Norwich were playing with the same players at the start of the season and they were playing good football.  A few injuries and consequently a few bad results and all of a sudden they look a different side.  I think what Adams was talking about was the fact that they obviously can play well.  We are a very good team ON PAPER![/quote] last time i checked football was played on grass not paper!
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