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  1. blainsey dont think anyone would criticise you just for posting .however the pompous undertones of your last few posts suggesting that just because you coach hockey to a decent level means your opinion is more valid than anyone elses who doesnt agree with you is absurd.we all back norwich to the hilt and always will but this doesnt extend to the staff when they are clearly only taking the club in one direction.i dont need to know what a "bleep test" is to see that my team is serving up rubbish week in week out i use my eyes to do this.finally didnt see you on SKY TV but if i had it wouldve been a good job ive got a widescreen telly as if not i doubt i could have got fitted your whacking great big  head on the screen
  2. quite simply all managers carry the can thats their job because their in charge.if the players insist on hoofing the ball despite worthys promotion of  attractive football then he obviously isnt doing his job very well.personally ive never liked him and feel all hes sver done to promote attractive football is to put out a team that so often gets a good old thumping away from home it must be very attractive for the home fans to watch
  3. for me position is less important than  the fact we have a unbalanced squad thats playing the most uncommitted unnattractive football ive wittnessed in years.
  4. most people i speak to want himout and are renewing despite him not because of him
  5. to all those who belived  (A)after selling ashton we were going to go out and spend 5 mil on quality players such as earnshaw halford etc.or (B)  that anymore than about a mil will still be available in the summer.what club have you been supporting for the last twenty years.
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