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  1. Sadly (or happily in this current climate) I have a new job, meaning saturdays are full of work and not full of following my beloved. This means I have a season ticket available for the next 9 games, including tomorrow evenings. I would prefer to sell it to the same person for all the games for a lump sum. 07969271058 to discuss please. Thanks Michael
  2. Have two friends who wanna come with tomorrow don''t suppose anyone has a couple of tickets they''re trying to offload!?
  3. get a life paul...... cody is not good enough for us, nor in my opinion the championship....
  4. we will I assume, but if it was the other way i would put money on there being fuck all going on in america to mark the occasion
  5. Anyone got a spare wigan ticket I could buy?? brothers decided he fancys going and its his birthday
  6. has anyone on here watched rudd when he plays? he looks scared of crosses, and still inexperienced, YES he will become a great keeper, just not yet
  7. saturday night, u probably want tombland from 8-12ish, vodka rev, nowhere, haha''s, beluga..... then down prince of wales after, if ya a bit older than me, then chicagos is good(25-85) but if not then pulse, shoosh, roccos, mercy, etc etc
  8. [quote user="Brendo "] I love this formation, I think it is brilliant. Inter Milan and Brazil both use it, and it has worked wonders for them both. The two holding players are just brilliant, provides so much cover for the defence, and the 3-1 works well too linking up. That is what I love about the 5 man midfield tactic, you just run the show, and sooner or later posssesion will turn into goals. [Y] Ruddy Martin Ward Barnett Drury Crofts Smith Jackson Hoolahan Surman (when fit) Holt ? Or what Jackson for Martin or someone. [:)]  [/quote]   id play jackson who is an out and out striker behind the forward aswell... clueless muppet
  9. how in gods name can you say martin has ''lost some ability'' he hasnt done anything wrong, he missed one chance yesterday...go to some games, this boards fucking pathetic
  10. the post above probes how clueless this site is, bunch of idiots, who dont watch the game properly, or probably dont even go...
  11. lol this site is a joke, half the people on here don''t go to games a quarter only go for the half time sarnies, and the other quarter to be fair do seem genuine. I get annoyed reading on here about going to games and that. I was impying the ''part-time'' bit to the fact it was everton today, half the fans definately wouldn''t have gone if it was someone shit.
  12. i agree with that ct, like I said i was miles from booing, just think let fans do what they like...its up to them, i go to every game home and away, league cup friendly, and I feel after spending a hell of a lot of money supporting my dearest club, I can react how I wish. I spend a year on watching norwich what the players earn a month
  13. we paid 15 quid...not that I booed, but a fan can do whatever he wants....stop moaning, parttime fans piss me off
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