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  1. so if we were better than west ham then how come they beat us when we were in the premier league 1-0 in the cup wernt it well done delia
  2. does anyone think that we are back to the long balls again with the shortest strickers in the leauge
  3. sorry all i got it rong it is 99 leauge goals but yeah the person what said worthy out newell ini quite agree 100 percent
  4. earnshaw scored his 200th goal but was it his someone tell me if it was a goal is a goal anyway otbc 1-1 get in eanie
  5. is peter thorne good anougth some one plz tell me
  6. ashton wanted to go when a player wants to go you cant stop them well done worthy sign someone soon mattyboy05
  7. does anyone think petert thorne is any good im not sayin he isnt by the question we have to ask are selfs weve got 5 milllion for ashton as crewe took 2,25 mil for him as profit so who can we bye camereon jerome is waiting for a bid to come but we arnt goin that far.   thanks mattyboy05  
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