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  1. Yes well done Ticket Office staff, that had to be a tough few days! Special thanks to Stephen Graham who went beyond the call of duty to get my wife, who also has mobility issues, a wheelchair user ticket when we thought she''d missed out.
  2. [quote user="Lincs CR"]I thought Holt was said to be on 16k a week... if Villa are offering double his wages which is 40k that would be a spanner in the works to this rumour[/quote]^^^That''s what I thought too, in fact I thought it was 15k^^^ Also I forgot to mention that Villa have, allegedly, only offered a two year deal, so that would mean that they thought he was too old as well [:$]
  3. Personally I prefer chilli ''sauce'' I expect is is just a wind up, the only reason I posted it, was that the person who told me doesn''t have a history of winding me up, he does have contacts in football and has friends who have contacts at various clubs.
  4. Hi all, thought I''d pop out of lurkdom to post this bit of ''info''.Firstly let me point out that I''ve never posted a rumour before, but I trust the person who told me (sorry can''t be more specific other than to say there is a connection with Villa) but feel free to take this with a large pinch of what ever takes your fancy!I was told this a few days ago but didn''t want to spoil the good vibe on the board with Hughton''s signing etc.My ''sauce'' tells me that Holts deal with Villa was done last week but won''t be anounced, for whatever reason, ''till this coming week. The transfer fee was apparently around 5M but the clincher with Holt is that Villa will double his wages to 40k pw.I have been told a bit more than this, but revealing it would threaten my ''sauces'' anonymity For what it''s worth, and knowing the circles my ''sauce'' moves in, I would say that it quite plausable that they could end up with this sort of insider info, but it could also be one of his mates winding him up!This would of course mean that all the talk of fighting to keep Holt is just a smoke screen to keep the fans happy.Anyhow, there you go, it''s just another message board rumour, feel free to shoot me down. I don''t know whether it''s true or not, in fact I look forward to hearing that Holt''s signed a new improved contract with us OTBC
  5. Very sad news. R.I.P. Roy and thanks for the memories. A Norwich City legend who will be missed.
  6. Hi Ben, I have some pics of the Croke park U2 concert that show where the wheelchair platform was on the pitch, I don''t know if it will be the same for Westlife [+o(] or not but I will email them to you.CheersDevon
  7. [quote user="Dicky"]I''ve been told Phil Mitchell!  Nice.[/quote] You think you have problems, I''ve been told I look like Grant Mitchell!
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