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  1. There was a feature about Norwich and Bryan Gunn''s sacking a few minutes ago on Football Focus. After Lee Dixon stated that Gunn''s sacking after two games was ''a joke'', the presenter claimed that someone was already in place. Don''t know if anyone else saw this, but I swear he muttered the fateful words of Joe Kinnear! I was reading posts on here so I wasn''t paying full attention, but I''m sure he said this.
  2. What''s hit more balls than Beckham''s right foot?       ...Elton John''s chin
  3. Maybe he should concentrate on his pop career... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phMqmrX3Tpo
  4. I enjoyed the half-time entertainment against Stoke. Ryan Shawcross booting football''s into the Barclay was definitely better than the ''crossbar challenge''.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday have been priced out of a move for John Hartson, who has been told he can leave West Brom (Daily Star).
  6. I think he''s injured. Derby recalled John Macken and put him on the bench today as cover for Earnshaw.
  7. I heard this being discussed by a couple of people in the bar in the lower barclay... hope its true!
  8. We scored. Jim Duffy won''t get the job.
  9. The link is fine for me as well and the site looks pretty good, although the advertisement at the top gets in the way of some of the drop down menu''s.
  10. They signed Scott Parker ages ago I think and realistically I would have thought West Ham would want a player with more quality than Safri.
  11. [quote user="ricky knight"]Says it all dont it Histon, i hear the red lion pub have a big centre half.[/quote] Doesn''t mean that much... everyone''s got to start somewhere and he must have quite a lot of potential if he is being checked out by Reading and Cardiff.
  12. Peter Mendham will be released from prison over the summer so he can play for us next season as well.
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