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  1. 7.5 million is a joke, i though the 3 million you paid was a bit high but making a 3.5 million profit is good going, as for hughesey that signing helped us sign Gunnarson who has been fantastic for us this season. Hope all those who come down have a good day out and they will be welcomed by all those in Berkshire.
  2. Well as for our slump, i just can''t see it, i have watched this team since 92 virtually every home game and most away and i havnt seen a better team, we look so so strong at the back , sonko seems to win everything and up front we seem to have picked a cherry with kevin doyle, the bloke is a legend, he runs his nuts off all day is great on the ball, has skill good in the air and can finish and all this for £70,000.  I did not go to the game we won 1-0 earlier this season but i heard we were a bit lucky, but at home especially in the 2nd half going forward the crowd acts like a 12th man. Although would quite happily take a point if we can beat sheff utd away on the 14th
  3. i would like to take my hat off to davernport, for turning down the chance to join reading and choosing to join in his words '''' a club that is going places'''' , what a fantastic choice that was. he now wouldnt even get into our team
  4. Is Hughsey not putting in good performances? he got slated a lot at reading to, however i have noticed you have seen that he runs for ever but i have to say he does do a lot more than you realise! Judging from the highlights on the championship of your game against watford , he plays whilst injured. He gives 110% constantly and can tackle and pass well. Although the fee you paid was a little high but he is a good player and could do a lot to help your chances of reaching the play offs. Judging again by the highlights i do believe you do need to sign a centre midfielder as you seem to have no problem scoring.
  5. With you guys not doing as well as you would of hoped this season so far, how do see the game between us and you?. Are you going to fill your allocation which now I believe is 2,000 as our away end has been split due to a lot of ‘part time supporters’ have decided they want come and watch. The game last time you came down was a great game shame about the result.  Would nice to see a full away end as we havnt had one in a while. How’s Andy Hughes doing down there now, heard you were giving him a bit of grief earlier on this season, have his performances got any better?   Urzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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