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  1. Christov

    We need a Plan B

    It's how we train. It's been reported several times that players have previously slotted in (last week for example) without match practice as training is at the intensity of matches. There were also rumours when Farke first came in of player revolts as training was no longer costa-del-colney. Look at his first season, lots of injuries in training. We were Burnley'd today, it happens and it happens to better more expensive squads than us, they're not mugs they've been in the top flight for several seasons now. You don't stay up that long if you don't have something about you. As long as we learn and improve we'll be OK. And our injury list reduces!
  2. I''m sure I read somewhere a while ago that Sky were releasing a streaming service for the football league. However this excluded televised games they were showing.

    I''m guessing it''s not for 18/19 as it would have been advertised by now.
  3. Christov

    Ricardo's report v Fulham

    [quote user=" Badger"]Thanks Ricardo.The 12.15 nearly caught me out too. I understand that they wanted all games to be played at the same time - but why 12.15?[/quote]

    I''d imagine its because Sky wanted to cover a couple of the games and contractually they''re not allowed to air live games that kick off at 3pm on a Saturday in the UK.

    Our games against the binners I''d have thought were determined by the Police.
  4. Christov

    Match thread...........

    1-1 Snodgrass header.
  5. Christov

    Norwich vs Fulham Match Thread

    Fulham are bossing this. We look like the away team trying to hit them on the break.
  6. Christov

    Norwich vs Fulham Match Thread

    Lol. Probably lifting boxes for the house move.
  7. Christov

    Norwich vs Fulham Match Thread

    Not a bad team. Will go for a 1-1. How on earth has Holt injured his back on a match day? Surely if they train at all its very light.
  8. Lol, what''s that? £27/£28 a game in the prem? When you''re getting near the rip off casual prices of £45/£50 a game you might have something to moan about.
  9. Christov

    Strengthening our firepower

    I bet there''s a queue to swap shirts at the end of that game...
  10. Christov


    [quote]This response was so predictable. The man is useless at his job because there has to be some subtlety to winding listeners up in order to make the comments have a degree of credibility. He''s so blatantly over the top that he''s laughable.[/quote]

    Quite the opposite. He''s very good at his job which is too cause controversy to make people phone in which ultimately pays his wages. He`s a troll that gets paid to do it. He''s no different to the leeches on twitter like James Nursey who tweet complete rubbish to get hits to their website to make ad revenue.
  11. We are absolutely bossing this but need the goals to reflect our superiority.
  12. Christov

    McNally tweet

    Confirmed on NCFC Twitter Wes has signed a new contract until 2015.
  13. Christov

    Reading Predictions

    Strangely I''m very optimistic about this fixture. Even had a bizarre dream last night that I was watching the Match Choice highlights show with us 5-3 up before the recording crashed.

    If Reading could play as well as they talked they''d be a real threat and would probably be pushing for Europe.

    2-1 City.
  14. Christov

    Villa predictions

    This could be a very winnable game, as mentioned above Villa have defensive issues as they may only have 1 recognised centre back fit. With this in mind I''d be tempted to do what we did to Newcastle last season who were in a similar situation and go with Holt and Moro up front with Pilks and Bennett pinging in the crosses from out wide. 2-1 City.