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  1. Dave Watson to partner Bruce, Colin Suggett to partner Peters in midfield, Ron Davies to partner Sutton upfront and John Bond to manage..... my team was Keelan...Culverhouse, Bruce, Watson , Bowen.....Huckerby, Peters, Suggett, Eadie....Davies, Sutton.  
  2. Steve Howard would be a possible replacement for Dion ,big target man proven at this level .Hume is a good player as well.
  3. Cedric was my favourite....and Dennis Van Wyk when a foreign player was a real rarity.
  4. Chelsea away May 1985 - never ever been wetter in the open end at the Bridge, game should have been off as there were huge puddles all over the pitch but we won 2-1 to have a nine point cushion over Coventry who had three games left to play-they eventually overtook us three weeks later but we had to win that last game, which I think Chelsea needed to win to qualify for Europe. That is the last must win game I can think of where we actually turned up.
  5. In 1982-3 we were in the bottom 3 for most of  our first season back in the 1st division , at the start of April one off the bottom with 10 to play..City won 6 drew 3  including wins over Liverpool away and Arsenal and finished 14th...
  6. Thanks for the advice for road travel...brilliant getaway after the game. Used the signposted carpark five minutes walk £3.50...street parking nearly all gone by 1.30. Bought  a special offer bag with the local paper including a bottle of water for the journey home then had the the bottle top taken away by a jobsworth at the entrance. Good luck for the rest of the season even though you mugged us today-go and do the same to Saints next week.
  7. Thanks very much for the details...haven''t been to Ashton Gate since a 3-0 defeat in 1976 so looking forward to seeing how it has developed. Didn''t see the Carrow Road game but people say you were the best team they have seen this season. Two things >>>> any car parking advice and was the smoking area in the away end ??!!
  8. Jay Tabb of Coventry was the player who gave Velasco and Doc a nightmare time.
  9. Came from Cheltenham....when we went to Barnsley the manager was asking the fans in the programme to stop having a go at him because he was not scoring, saying that he was very hard working and still learning the game at Championship level. Their version of Chris Brown ?
  10. Wonder if Murray spent the journey back from Plymouth working out all the away trips in League One which we were certain to be making , like my car load were. Doubt it somehow...ironically, I felt favourably inclined towards Murray as he had come back from serious illness. Don''t feel quite the same now!
  11. Really good today. Croft was outstanding, Jamie had his best game of the season in terms of contribution to the team. The whole midfield was excellent as well. We had the better chances and more of them. Their equalizer came from a free kick which should have gone our way, even though the defence fell apart to gift Morrison a free header from 6 yards. The team had a good shape and played really well, still need Tiny at the back though. No coincidence that the improved performance came with Fozzy back, he has developed so much. Hucks on the bench for a while I think...
  12. without that present from Colchester. What a poor match. We were awful till Dublin and Hux came on- at least then we had a threat. A great header by Doc to set up the goal and a brilliant last ditch clearance by Semi just before it. Good support and a real retro day out on the terrace made up for a worrying display.
  13. It was Martin playing wide who set up two of the three goals
  14. I agree with Berks Canary- from the moment Brown came on we at least had a threat up front- Cureton and Martin did not work at QPR nor at Plymouth. Hartson should have been given more time as we played a lot better at Burnley  against Ipswich and Bristol City with him on the pitch simply because he had the ability to link up play and create chances for others. Now we have no-one who can do that. Murray looks good at centre back and Spillane is better in midfield- also why is Eagle totally frozen out this season ?
  15. About 380 miles from Alton Hampshire, via Reading for a car share
  16. From Burnley and pleased that they at least put up a fight and showed some spirit. Hartson looked a class act and Smith will bring a new dimension to midfield. They will struggle to get many points out of the next five games given the opposition but for the first time in a while the team looked like they cared. The 400 or so travelling fans gave them great support and a lot of applause at the end, rightly so. It was never a penalty and Cureton missed a sitter near the end for 2-2. I came away with the feeling that we will have to struggle right to the end of the season to stay up but that we might survive.
  17. 2-0 down at Sheff Utd with about 15 minutes to go after a run of  14 matches without a win Easter Saturday 1998. Lose and we were in the bottom three with 4 games to go. Bellamy then super Chris Llewellyn get us a point. Two 5-0 home wins later and we were in mid table. But in my mind it is the McGovern goal and the brilliant celebration scrum after that is the best unsung goal ever. One other - Mckenzie at MK Dons in the last minute of extra time to avoid losing another shoot out with Green in goal, mainly cos I had travelled back from Belgium just for the game.
  18. after the farce in January I hope we help to send them down- a fixture list without Burnley away would be a good thing. Will we be up for a fight ? I think we had our answer on Saturday.
  19. Leeds in 1995, and the day in 1985 when we were sent down by Coventry beating champions Everton 3 weeks after the end of the season in the days when the season was allowed to extend to the end of May. Everton had come back from their end of season holiday to play this game and Cov had taken 9 points out of 9 to overtake us. Same season when we were robbed of Europe by the ban....all this two months after the greatest day in the clubs history.
  20. good luck in Canada. Despite having to do so many different roles in the team you always gave your best...the last time I saw you play for City says it all-scrapping in midfield then outstanding at centre back-we said that we finally had a good emergency centre back, but it was not to be. You are a good pro and undervalued by many here, but not by your country.
  21. you can see why Thorne has been a good player in the past with some of his link up play and clever head flicks- he has suffered here because of a lack of games...with a proper run of games he would show his worth.  He also suffers in comparison to Dion who got justified praise from the BBC pundits today   .                                                                                                                                                   Leave Gibbo out of this thread please-  he was a hero for the diving headers which were his speciality... often winning goals.  
  22. basically a defensive nightmare. Doc on the second, Shackell on the third, Gallacher on the third as well. We had one minute to hang on to go in 2-1 down with momentum in our favour. First was three headers from a corner all of which we lost plus Gallacher falling over. We were totally in command for the first 25 and had chances right to the end with Croft and Dublin on. Slightly better than last years surrender but highly annoying because Palace were poor and we gifted them the game. New keeper should be a priority because the current one is a liability
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