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  1. Cant blame Worthington for Adie leaving us, Worthington was quite angry when it was announced Adie would be leaving. I think West Brom came in for him ansd they were in the Prem at the time. I think we could have kept him if the club at the guts to give him a promotion to Assistant Manager of something. Well anyway, well done to Adie and Malky and the rest of the Watford boys [Y] !!
  2. I want Watford to win the play offs. Palace aint got a hope in hell now of going up so i think Watford will go all the way. It will be an interesting game between Preston and Leeds at Deepdale but i think Preston will go through to the final and get beat 2-1 by Watford.
  3. Yep the pond will be all fished out by the time Worthless gets there [:(]. 
  4. I didnt mean to post my previous 3 times by the way....[:$]
  5. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Ashton was injured for the F.A.Cup match against West Ham, .....they must think we''re stupid[/quote] No lie, Worthless had the scan to prove it! [;)]
  6. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Ashton was injured for the F.A.Cup match against West Ham, .....they must think we''re stupid[/quote] No lie, Worthless had the scan to prove it! [;)]
  7. [quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]Ashton was injured for the F.A.Cup match against West Ham, .....they must think we''re stupid[/quote] No lie, Worthless had the scan to prove it! [;)]
  8. England are only going to take 4 strikers (I think) and Ashton dosn''t appear to be high enough up the pecking order. Obviously Owen will be going (If he stays clear of injury), Rooney could still make it and Sven seems to favour the likes of Bent, Crouch, Defoe and Vassell (??!!).
  9. And that makes things much better does it? He''s a disgrace [:@].
  10. You have got right on my t i t s this season Steve but never the less cheers for previous seasons [Y].
  11. These rumours are more believable than any other I have seen on that website. However I cant see us signing Sutton because of his wage demands and hasn''t Mcindoe already agreed a move to Derby as part of his loan agreement?
  12. I dont have any faith in Etuhu next season but im willing to wait and give him a second chance. Im worried that he dosn''t put himself about enough and he dosn''t seem to get forward enough. Im not sure if im the only one but that shot he had last sunday against Wolves, I thought was about the only decent shot he had in City colours. However he is still young and still has time on his side so i guess its a case of lets wait and see what happens.
  13. [quote user="USAcanary"][quote user="Oso Butch"] Charlie mentions Zesh Rehman in today''s interview, and that got me thinking. I believe that the amount shelled out just on the loans of Zesh and Jonatan Johansson - given how little they were then used - was absolutely disgraceful. Zesh played 5 times and JJ2 played 12.  Let''s assume (because I don''t have the full stats) that, on average, Zesh played for 80 minutes a game (I cannot remember him being subbed, so it could have been the full 90 mins each time, but go with it...) and that JJ2 played, on average, for 45 minutes a game - probably an overstatement but, again, go with it. Let''s also assume that, as Premiership players, they were paid either £5000/week each; or £8000/week each. Ignoring agents'' fees etc. this means that, over 17 weeks (Jan-end April) the club will have paid out £170,000 (assuming £5,000/week each) or £272,000 (assuming £8,000/week each). Putting it another way, that''s somewhere between £180 and £290 a MINUTE that they were on the pitch!! If that isn''t an appalling waste of the Club''s funds, I don''t know what is..... [:@]    [/quote]   Anyone notice that only 4 teams in the whole divison lost more games than we did and three of those were relegated.       [/quote] So then...what KTFer can defend that?
  14. I agree the league will be much harder next season and i believe we will do worse than 9th if Worthless is still in charge but sugesting we will get relegated is probably abit over the top....
  15. Really he just blames everyone and anyone but himself and his coaching staff.
  16. Darren Beckford was probably worse than Hooze...but Hooze is still down their as one of our worst players. The Hooze signature thing was quite funny however.
  17. I reckon our first signing will be Carlos Edwards. I dont really want him to sign for us but im trying to think what Worthless would do.
  18. [quote user="Bill Taylor"]What a well written article by a man who has attended 39 matches this season- think you could call him a true supporter. He clearly feels ,like I suspect do many supporters that it is time for a change of management if the team are to move forward. This season has been totally unacceptable with the same cliches being brought out both by players and manager alike on a regular basis.  NW''s comments after the Preston game sum it up nicely,while he was saying that it was a good performance reporters  from the Sunday Times and The Independent said thay were very poor and played like a side that had not recorded an away win in 2006. No team that has lost 13 away games and conceeded 40 goals  away from home is premiership material. I can understand Steve Gedge''s reasons for not staying after the match,there really was not much to celebrate. The ironical reward for the players for such a lack lustre season is they get longer off as they are not in the play-offs.It was disturbing to read that NW is contemplating talking to Johansson about a permanent move,this makes little sense as NW has had a chance to look at him first hand and I cannot believe he has been impressed,bearing in mind  he has only played a limited number of games and was less than impressive. It was interesting to read the comments of the Wolves Chairman who stated that their  season''s performance was not good enough for the Board or supporters,it is a pity that we do not have a Chairman who is prepared to make such a statement and put the manager and players on notice that what we have witnessed this season is not good enough. I fear that NW and his staff will be in place at the beginning of next season and I dread what the calibre of our summer signings will be. I just hope the board has enough courage to release NW early into next season if results are poor and give his replacement a fair chance to remedy the situation. I believe that,if we fail to reach at least the play-offs next season, we will see a decline in season ticket sales and attendance overall. In conclusion the board must not be afraid to act decisively ,and even contemplate the unthinkable and release NW in the summer.[/quote] Agreed.
  19. To be honest he''s never going to make the grade he''s been here to long without makining a real impact on the team and I can remember him having a few good games but I think we should get rid of him in the summer he''s had enough chances, which some of the other younger players would have probably took the chances hes had better.
  20. YepI agree with you, we dont want another Peter Thorne and we want someone with the slightest bit of pace....
  21. Yep brilliant match probably one of the best matches in the clubs history. Obviously the team was one of the easier to get because its one of the most recent ''Name That Team''.
  22. Out with Worthless, new manager in. The New manager to get rid of Hughes, Robinson, Thorne and Fleming. Then rebuild the squad with good YOUNG players for example Halford, Billy Jones, Paul Gallagher (from Blackburn) and Richard Chaplow. Now that is wishful thinking......
  23. [quote user="Tom NCFC"]   Doherty is a good player but my Player of the Year would have been...........either Hucks or McVeigh! [/quote]   Yep same here.
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