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  1. [quote user="Northern Canary"]renew because nothing you say will make any difference i dont think[/quote] And if we do well he probably wont be able to retain his ticket...
  2. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote] im dissapointed as we all know what he did for wigan, and it is worthingtons fault that he never did it for us How the manager can get away with this in any job i dont know, but somehow worthington does...... shows how crap our board really are [/quote] Would you have been one of the fans booing Andy Hughes''s every move AJ ? And then you wonder why a player with low confidence wasn''t picked ? Playing in front of an uncertain crowd doesn''t really do wonders for yuor confidence, especially if you''re already low. [/quote] How can you make that sort of assumption? Where in AJs post did he indicate anything you have just said?
  3. [quote user="Iwans Front Teeth"]Easy - Royle....even Jim Royle would be better than Worthy!!!![/quote] You beat me to it! lol
  4. [quote user="Jimaldinho"]Where do we discuss this topic?! Theres about 4 other threads started!![:S][/quote] Ah thats better we''ve stuffed them all in one thread.
  5. Where do we discuss this topic?! Theres about 4 other threads started!![:S]
  6. Joe Royle has left the Binners. His contracted has been mutualy terminated. Their board clearly recognises when a manager can no longer take a team any further than he already has he must go.    
  7. Its been announced on Sky Sports, will we be getting any cash for him?
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]is he the one who used to play for Coventry too??? jas :) [/quote] Yep, i think he left them after the 01-02 season and then Blackburn bought him off Cov for a few million quid (i think thats right!)
  9. Was this the game that Worthington hadnt been in the job long and everyone was singing ''what a load of rubbish''?
  10. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="blahblahblah"] [quote]Stupid Barry ''What do they do up at Colney Neil'' [/quote] Sorry, i didn''t understand that one... [/quote] A regular canary caller..  you have to hear him to understand i''m afraid. [/quote] Old Barry aint been on Canary call for a while has he? Anyway i have to agree, when he was on after Millwall away that must have been the funniest caller they have ever had on!
  11. Leeds wll probably win it but I want Watford win it. The Dirty Weeds fans think they have the god given right to be in the Prem and losing to Watford would wipe the smirks right off their fat faces!
  12. Its coz everyones bored as the seasons finished and theres not much else to say??
  13. Dont suppose he''ll get a game but well done anyway Greeno!!
  14. Its find it really hard to see why people could have wanted him out in our promotion season.....but anyway i first wanted him out after the away match at Derby, he should have been sacked on that match alone we were dire!
  15. Eddy and Svensson were the biggest mistakes in my opinion. Nobody this season has been good enough to hold down the right back position and Svensson would have scored goals at this level.
  16. [quote user="mystic megson"] Know what really gets me?  It''s the whining, sulky, spiteful hug-it-to-yourself slowburn "I''ll NEVER forgive Worthy for his comments" resentment.  It''s embarrassing.  For goodness sake get it out of your systems.  Try being a Preston fan.  They''ve been to the playoffs six times before.  They''ve lost six times before.  They could lose again.  Grow up.   [/quote] Well at least Preston CAN ACTUALLY GET THERE! They have got hardly any money and each year have had to dip into the lower leagues to find their players eg Nugent and Whalley. Imagine if they spent the money Worthless has spent they would have been promoted right now....
  17. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]Tolerant[/quote] Yup, i agree.
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