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  1. We never seem to go on any good tours (minus Malaysia), I hear Palarse are going to America, oh well good old Scotland for us to face the World Elite Falkirk and Livingston....
  2. Leg 2 in the playoff semi against Wolves at Molineux. Back in the days where our players were heroes and were actually likeable. When they scored it became really nerve racking but the fans never stopped singing. At the end the celebrations were brilliant and the Wolves fans were gutted.
  3. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="YankeeCanary"] Okay, let''s see what we know and what we don''t know. We know Chris Meadows is 17 and he''s from Lowestoft. We don''t know what his real name is. We know Iwan was originally from Lowestoft but we don''t know where he lives now ( it may still be Lowestoft ). We do know Iwan is older than 17 but we don''t know how old he is. While we''re waiting for Miss Marple, I''m going to take a stab and suggest that Iwan is Chris Meadows father, that they live in the same house but refuse to speak to one another in person. [/quote] One things for certain Yankee, it proves all the best posters come from Gods own waiting room.......................Lowestoft!. A place so good, they''re still building it.[;)] [/quote] Well said Wiz!
  4. I want it to be that Martin Hunter bloke or Ian Crook.
  5. Yep its worth it, the club should do it now while their still in a good finacial position.
  6. Colin must get a fine and a ban like every other month! I think that shows that he''s not learning his lessons and they should double his fine and ban for every time he''s in trouble. I read today in the EDP that he said he was "delighted" does that sound like someone who has been punished enough?
  7. So if Huckerby cant play left wing and isnt suited to playing upfront with any of the current strikers what about playing him behind 1 or 2 strikers? We could give him a free role down the middle where he would be absoloutly lethal again like he was in the promotion winning season.
  8. Charlton would probably approach Megson before they approached Worthless!
  9. No more green away kits..thank god! The white kit looks smart and the home shirt looks alright but from I can make out from the picture it dosn''t seem to have changed much from the last one.
  10. So whos confident then? My team looks quite good and i think I''ll be towards the top once its finished [:D].
  11. No one is going to know the exact figures so all we can do is guess. I''m not really that sure on the subject of wages but if i was to have a guess i would say perhaps he was on £5,000 to £10,000 a week??  
  12. I personally think it will take alot for him to get the fans back on his side. However if he could completly change his ways then i would back him again. I cant see him changing so its unlickely that i will be backing him again....
  13. I agree with everything that has been said but also what has been said by many pundits and managers this year is that if you are a promoted side you must come into the Premiership with a positive atitude. Play every game with the attitude that you can beat the opposition regardless to who they are. The likes of Wigan and West Ham are the perfect examples of this and instead of our board rambling on about ''doing a Charlton'' they should now aim to do ''a West Ham or Wigan''. It is now virtually unheard of for a promoted team to stay up without spending alot of money. Our board had the attitude that we were there to make up the numbers and we should just enjoy being there. If we ever actually make it to the Prem again i sincerley hope lessons are learnt.....
  14. I''m not going to say because i simply can''t choose between the two. However i''m still hopefull that both will happen.....
  15. It would be interesting to see what  the view of the pitch is from some of the rooms though wouldn''t it? I personally hate the idea and the artist impression CJF posted looked horrible i thought.
  16. From what i read it sounds a good appointment but i, like most people dont really no alot about him. Could help blood the youth?
  17. [quote user="blahblahblah"] Use of caricature smacks of desperation to me.  It''s a sad attempt at belittling someone who has the balls to try to improve things by someone who probably doesn''t. [/quote] What about your sad attempt of belittling those who disagree with you? See the latest of his posts, the "Splinter Team". Now that is sad and pathetic.
  18. Can''t really fault their predictions though. I would have thought at least two of the promoted teams would have gone up...but none of them did. I suppose now you can only but laugh at those predictions....look where they predicted Watford would finish.
  19. Just watching clubs moving on and little Norwich going no-where is so fustrating. I personally dont like managers being changed like half way through a season or after 10 or 12 games because what good manager are you going to be able to get at that stage? Just sack him now and make sure we get a good manager who will have all summer to bring in new ideas and his own players.
  20. [quote user="Jimaldinho"] Could Ashton possibly get himself a FA cup winners medal?![/quote] In answer to that question....he couldnt, unlucky Deano!
  21. Hammers are winning again...GRRR.. Konchesky scores but it was a huge fluke. Could Ashton possibly get himself a FA cup winners medal?!
  22. He has. It was a typical strikers goal. Etherington shot, Reina fumbled it, Ashton tapped it in.
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