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  1. Check this out then...http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/chelsea/5037406.stm Its all about the money! What goalkeeper in his right mind transfers to a club knowing that he''s never going to play and will be the number 3? Does this guy have any pride?! Take Shaun Wright-Phillips for example: He joins Chelsea knowing that Mourinho said he will play a "squad rotation" part in the team at best but knows he will pick up a massive wage package a week. Arsenal then come in for him and promise him first team football week in and week out but will not get a wage as high as at Chelsea. His step dad (Ian Wright) was a total legend at Arsenal you would have thought he might want to go there! But no the first talk of money went to his head and he joined Chelsea. Now look at him, he didnt even make the England world cup stand by squad! Serves him right though. Anyway I''m looking forward to Shevchenko coming to Chelsea, he will probably be a joy to watch and a nightmare for the premierships defenders. Also what idiot said a while back that money dosn''t win you the league?! Bollocks. When you have a manager like Jose Mourinho spending the money you are certain to get quality.
  2. Has anybody actually seen him play? Is he any good? Probably dosn''t matter anyway because he wont be given a first team chance with Worthless at the helm....
  3. I think someone else posted something about that website a while back but yes it looks quite impressive!
  4. [quote user="Herb"][quote user="Beno27"] Well don''t you get bored of constantly bashing the people who are allegedly bashing the club they allegedly support. [/quote] Nope. What particularly bores me is people from places as dull as Bressingham ;) [/quote] How very constructive of you Herb....
  5. I was wrong...HE''S JUST SCORED!! EARNIE EARNIE EARNIE!! [<:o)][<:o)][<:o)]
  6. Fair enough, if someone else can back up what you said I take back what I said [Y]
  7. [quote user="Beno27"] [quote user="UEA Canary"]No ginger people! WHY! whats wrong with us![/quote] I wouldnt if i were you he will say "its political correctness gone mad" and "you gingers stay in your place". I always wondered why ginger haired people got so much stick unless your that chris evans bloke then I can understand. [/quote] Dont forget Mick Hucknall! Bo Selecta always did a rather amusing scene where "Mick Hucknall" put the ginger community to shame [:P]
  8. I''m gutted for him, it could be his last chance of making a world cup squad. Does anybody know how long he''ll be out for?
  9. In Worthingtons defense he has signed a few good players theres no doubt about it but Worthington has had  more money than any other Norwich manager has ever been allowed near. The 5 years Worthington has had in charge can''t be compared to the 5 years before that imo....
  10. Zipper,                In the past that lad Dean Lewington has been mentioned, he plays for MK Dons (who have just been relegated to league 2) and plays left back but can also push forward to left mid if need be. He''s abit  younger than Clarke, I think he''s 23 so perhaps he could be a better option?
  11. I sit in the n+p to the left of the goal (nearest to the kiddies corner) and it can be quite vocal at times. Most of the people around that area appear to be quite lively and you can actually sing without people looking at you like you are some alien! But without doubt the best place to be is the Barclay or the Snake Pit.
  12. Really the sit-u-ashun is that as long as Greeno wants to be here he will probably always be the number 1. I personally believe we should cash in on him this summer as i believe Gallacher is worthy replacement. However though, as you say, it would be interesting to see if anyone will want Greeno and how much they would be willing to pay.
  13. I had the sound record to that on my mp3 player not that long ago...always gave me a good laugh.
  14. Can''t see him being out of work for long to be honest. Dowie to the scum?!
  15. Well done Pink''un team!! Keep up the good work!
  16. If he was sacked tomorrow I would have to say B. However if he leaves his much awaited departure too long I cant say i''d be feeling to friendly towards him.
  17. Dont forget the compliment from Warnock : "Mackay is a credit to the game" and to get a compliment off him you must be doing something right! Anyway well done to Watford.
  18. ......And their promoted! 3-0 win. Well done to them it will be interesting to see how they get on in the prem though.
  19. I think it must be Hucks, look at the way he''s standing, he''s got that slight hunch to him...
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