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  1. [quote user="Gilbo the Shrimper"][quote user="Sir Quinny"]

    Two Huge signings for the club - both with Ineternational experience - both on a free transfer - I really hope that Mr Worthington is doing something special on the transfer market - my best mate is a Shrimpers fan and those guys really seem to be postive and boyed by what there club is doing - where as I cannot even begin to comprehend what ours is doing.

    I feel that if Worthy does not start well and goes we need to look closlet at Bringing Mr Tilson here!


    Tilly won''t be leaving Southend, he is one of those players who played his entire career for one league club. I refused to play for another league club when released even tho the offers were there and went to play for the local non-league side. I reckon his managerial career will be very similar.

    The guy is worshipped down here and has been known to get the best out of his players. He turned a team that was going out of the football league to winning two back to back promotions. He has achieved it with no money, and only brought in players who he felt could do the business. Even if they were out of flavour with their current clubs.

    Alot of people have been slating the signing of Ricketts, which is fair enough as people are entitled to their opinion. But I reckon Tilson will get the best out of him, once he is back to full fitness.

    One final thing, having spend the last 2 years living with Sir Quinny and regularly speaking to another Norwich fan I feel that the Worthless bashing is fully deserved. That guy has no clue, and your club (which I do now follow after many years of brain washing by Sir Quinny) will not move forward until you replace him.


    [8] Even Southend want him out! [8]

  2. [quote user="Tacklebury"]Would one of the players you''re referring to be former England international Michael Ricketts? Blimey, such quality. They''re welcome to him and Steven Hamill. These aren''t players who wouuld bring anything to the club, so why sign them? Stop bashing Worthy for the sake of it - especially when there are plenty of valid points you could make![/quote]

    I also wouldn''t have touched Ricketts with a barge pole but Hammell would have been good cover for Drury and he would''nt have cost anything...

  3. The scum have got Healy on trial at the moment which is as good as signing a player. I think that Barnsley are on the verge of completing the transfer of some Scarborough player. Sunderland are still in negotiations with Niall Quinn about taking over as the owner and I''m not even sure who their manager is at the moment (Kevin Ball last time I checked but was that permanant?). Plymouth have only just appointed ''Olly as their manager, likewise with Derby. They all sound pretty good enough excuses to me. What are ours and Lutons excuse''s I wonder?

  4. [quote user=""]

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    11:06 - 29 June 2006
    Stoke City have issued a hands off warning to Norwich City following an inquiry for Luke Chadwick. Canaries manager Nigel Worthington was keen to acquire the services of the 25-year-old winger for his problematic right-hand side, but has been told to look elsewhere by the club.

    The ex-Manchester United player was only signed by Stoke from West Ham for £100,000 in January and the club have no intentions of letting him go.

    Chadwick signed a two-and-a-half year contract when he put pen to paper, and although he suffered with fitness towards the end of the season, he was a player the club are keen to keep.

    Chief executive Tony Scholes confirmed that an initial approach had been made by the Championship side and that it was turned down immediately.

    He said: "I can confirm that an approach was made by Norwich City for Luke Chadwick, but our response was to reject it out of hand.

    "It was just an initial inquiry whether we would consider an offer from Norwich City and that was turned down as we are not in the habit of selling our best players."

    Chadwick netted only three times in his 37 starts last season, but was seen as one of the most impressive players in the side.

    Although having shone under the regime of Johan Boskamp, Chadwick had been a target for current manager Tony Pulis in his first spell in charge.

    Pulis stated he had no intention of selling his best players, and that included the exciting Chadwick.

    He said: "I did not know anything about the inquiry from Norwich City, but one thing that I will say is that at Stoke City we have no intention of selling our best players.

    "Luke is a good player and important to the team."




  5. This is my ideal team to start the season:


                                                    New RB             Doc                           Shackell         Drury

                                                                  New CM             Safri              Lee Cook


                                                                                 New ST          Earnie

    I feel that Worthington needs to make 4 potential signings to complete the starting eleven. I know I''d like to see us sign Lee Cook to replace Hucks on the left and give Hucks a free role just behind a new striker and Earnie. I''m not sure who we could sign to fill the right back position at the moment or the midfield position I''ve left blank. Then obviously we would have to sign 1 or 2 cheap back up players to occupy the bench.

  6. I reckon Peter Taylor would have been told by Simon Jordan that key players would have to leave but would not be sold on the cheap. Probably what attracted Peter Taylor to Palace was the fact that once those players had been sold he could recoup a fair amount of the money to be spent on new players. Munby said during the week that Worthington wouldn''t have as much to spend like he had in previous seasons. So palace appear to be in a situation that whoever they want to sign they can....must be horrible eh?

  7. IF Worthington can recongnise our problem areas over the pitch and can then fill those positions with quality players then of course we could mount a serious title challenge. However sometimes that isnt the case though. Worthington has signed a few quality players in the last 2 years but has failed to get the best out of them. For example Ashton (in the champ season last year) being used as a target man when its blatantly obvious that the guy needed the ball at his feet in order to play to his best. For me next season Worthington''s going to have to adapt his tactics so we can play to the strengths of our best players, Earnie Huckerby etc.

  8. I''m not sure if this is true or not but I heard that when Kieron Richardson scored against us at carrow road (in the Prem season) that someone from the Snakepit threw a pie at him. I remember that he had been provoking the crowd all day that game and when he scored I think he celebrated in front of the Snakepit. Abit random I know.....

    Can anyone confirm this if true?

  9. I''m glad we got Portugal instead of Holland. Holland looked better during the group stages than Portugal but Portugal were better on the night. Also their midfield will also be weaker as they have now lost Deco and Costinha for the England game. Obviously England are going to have to up their game a bit but I''m confident it''s a game that we can win.

  10. Mexico ''86 was very hot if I remember rightly. However in this game against Ecuador the heat will be a big challenge for the England team but I can''t see it getting in the way of an England Victory. Dont get me wrong though, I think this will be a testing game for England afterall any team that gets to this stage must be quite good. I reckon the final score will be 2-0 to England.

  11. It would be a shame if the Pink''un Team had to put a ''rules and regulations'' page before you enter the message board because people could not be civil to each other. I can understand that everyone can''t agree with each other all the time on some subjects but certain people''s own personal arguments with other posters are starting to get out of hand and is ruining this message board.

    I think sometimes people just see the name of a poster they dislike and totally ignore their original post and turn the thread into a slanging match. If someone see''s a thread they disagree with then they should either have a sensible debate about the subject or just to simply ignore it. Its easier to ignore than it is to argue.

  12. It''s just talk most probably. Obviously Worthingtons interested in him, cos he said so, but Leeds will probably be asking £2 Million if not 2.5 M so they will outprice him leaving only Sheff U being able to afford him. Anyway Leeds wont want him going to another championship club who could be up their with them challenging for promotion.
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