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  1. For a club who were in a similar position as us and have sold AJ and fitz hall for a combined £11 million - if all they can afford is James Scrowcroft for £0.5m this indicates one of our rivals is in a worst position than NCFC. Financially anyway - they aren''t lumbered with a worthless manager.
  2. [quote user="1st Wizard"] No, I haven''t gone loopy, I just want to see the back of Worthington, Smith and Jones. Okay, Bob C had many faults, but he wouldn''t have tolerated this underperfoming manager, or the boardroom lackys. If it hadn''t been for his land deals then God knows where we''d be now?. Unlike a lot of you, The Smths Z'' list celebrity status cuts no ice with me. When the new board took over from Mr Chase, the club debt was approx £6 million , now its nearer £18-20 million. So if you want to see decent football, signings and a new clued up manager and board, lets start the campaign here, on the home of the message boards, the Pink Un. Bring back Robert Chase now. At least he cared!. [/quote] why would he want to involve himself with a club languishing in the CCC with debts of 20m - the guy is an astute businessman also, isn''t he about 90 years old now
  3. earnie is 12/1 with blue square to finish top scorer i would bet against norwich getting promoted - who have we signed and still have that useless manager
  4. the transfer budget should be put onto the 4.45 at haymarket
  5. agreed - totally disinterested in the football league this year. the premiership is decided before its even kicked off. My local side Crawley are in for an interested season. but hey wasn''t Marquez superb in the world cup!
  6. not being harsh - another worthless signing - probably made due to the fact that he was available on a free research would have highlighted that he is an injury risk -
  7. great manager - needless to say - he can do a far better coaching job than worthless
  8. I work with a Luton Fan who has said Carlos has been their best player this year - and would be an excellent signing
  9. personally i hate the brummies and would be glad to get them back on the fixture list next year.
  10. King - real madrid fans applauded Ronaldhino when he scored against them. (and barcelona are massive rivals)  
  11. Andy must be going home in tears with all the abuse he gets - but i''m sure the 10k wage packet per month brings a smile back.
  12. Either Gary Megson or Bryan Hamilton I''d go for Gary Megson though
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