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  1. Is it me, or does it seem rather convenient that Leeds, Charlton and Southampton managed to get byes into the second round....?
  2. Come and join the facebook fantasy football league Premier league players only im afraid http://apps.facebook.com/fantasy_footy/poolinvite/?p=21293&fb=541301000
  3. im led to believe he picked up an injury on thursday and didnt recover in time
  4. I''m led to believe he may have been injured on thursday and wasnt quite fit enough to play...?
  5. This man is a legend! Once again a quality performance and now 6 goals in 6 games.  But, what happens when he eventually retires/leaves the club? It has proved tonight how much we are having to rely on his superior ability to get us through What is life after Huckerby gonna be like?
  6. Just wanted to comment on Andy Hughes'' performance against QPR on saturday. I was there with some friends in the upper tier and i truly feel he was outstanding and definitley one of our better players on the day.  I know there are many of you out there that like to give him as much abuse as you can find, but he played his heart out until he picked up an injury and he had a hand in a goal too. Maybe his poor performances were more to do with behind the scenes problems between himself and Worthington? We will probably never know, but he certainly looked fresh and alive on saturday - in my own opinion ON THE BALL CITY!!! 
  7. You sure about that? Luton message boards say he''s off to Derby County...
  8. not sure i think we should be playing 3-5-2 at home. it should really be 4-4-2  how about                                                         green                                  rehman   Doherty   Shackell   Drury(If fit otherwise Charlton)                                  Johansen   Safri   Robinson   Huckerby                                           Earnshaw   McVeigh
  9. So, we are looking at transfer listed Robbie Earnshaw.  Waht do we think? good or bad? apparently brom want £3 mill for him.  I think he would be a good acquisition if we got him... he has a proven record at goalscoring though this season has been poor... maybe we could get him on loan till the end of the season....
  10. if only he would take on the full backs more often.  before we were promoted he would take on 2 or 3 defenders at a time.  now we are lucky if its one in a match!  and he never goes outside to cross in.. always cuts inside....  alot of improvement needed
  11. where does one start...  assuming everyone is fit.....                                                        GK:  Ward             RB:   Jarvis         CB:   Doherty      CB:   Shackell      LB:   Drury                                                        DM:   Safri RW:   Henderson                                                                     LW:   Huckerby                                                      AM:   Hughes                                  CF:   Ashton               CF:   McVeigh For subs i''d have Green, Fleming, Etuhu, McKenzie and Jarvis I cant think of making only one change, it would never be enough.  Change the shape to an attacking diamond and give Green a rest.  Ward is an international and a worthy deputy.  Give McVeigh a new contract and play him up front.  Sell Jarrett to Plymouth as they love him so much.  Dont buy Robinson. Possibly consider selling Ashton if we can get 7.5 for him.  That money could easily be reivested in at least 3 decent players...  Maybe Calum Davidson, McSheffery and a right sided midfielder who is not afraid to take a man on...  Maybe try Spillane out there?    
  12. So, why dont they give the three youngsters more of a chance?  Rossi looked solid to me at full back and the other two put their foot in straight away.  Might give us a bit of a lift in the middle of the park.  With the injuries we have, its perfect timing for them to prove their ability at league level.  Lets hope they dont slip away and we lose them like Danny Crow!   Saw on Sky Sports website that Sam Hamman will accept minimum of £3.5 million for jerome. Dont know how true that is...
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