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  1. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Too much! Well recently anyway. For the 4/5 weeks in Canterbury this term after deadlines gone out way too much and drank way too much. Actually been acting like a student. When I drink, I drink too much. I mix as well, I try to be manly and start with pints of larger, unless Desperados is on offer (love Spoons, 2 for £5 get in!!). Sweedish Cider also. But then I need vodka or whisky. Been drinking a lot of Southern Comfort and lemonade recently (doubles always), and if drinking at someones house before going out or something normally wine as its easy and a cheapish bottle (or two) gets the job done![/quote]I''ll have what you''re having Ginger, sounds like fun.
  2. [quote user="spencer 1970"]*simply[/quote]No I think you were pretty much on the button first time round.
  3. [quote user="spencer 1970"]Definitely a Cockney, born in Newham. His mum is Irish. Although he may have had a Guinness once...but on another fact, that is also from London. A Stout originally called "Porter" that originates from the docks of London. Guinness is simple a trade name al a "Hoover/Vacuum cleaner". Never let a good story get in the way of a fact...or is that the other way around? :)[/quote]Have a feeling this could get nasty for some unknown reason, can''t think why...................as I was getting at it''s just what the good man said himself, no more no less FFS.
  4. [quote user="Twitchy"][quote user="Gingerpele"]Twitchy, while you''re at it, let City1st that Ireland isn''t part of the UK and is ''foreign'' because of that. He doesn''t appear to understand/accept that for some reason...[/quote]Ah bless him Ginerpele.[/quote]And bless me GINGERpele sorry bout that.
  5. [quote user="Gingerpele"]Twitchy, while you''re at it, let City1st that Ireland isn''t part of the UK and is ''foreign'' because of that. He doesn''t appear to understand/accept that for some reason...[/quote]Ah bless him Ginerpele.
  6. [quote user="refjezdavies"]Don''t enjoy breaks then twitchy?[/quote]Have no time for them ref.
  7. [quote user="refjezdavies"]:-D Do you have Irish routes twitchy?[/quote]Should have thrown out the old try the AA joke there but how and ever.
  8. [quote user="refjezdavies"]:-D Do you have Irish routes twitchy?[/quote]Lol, born and bred ref, btw honestly I''m only going on what I''ve heard first hand which should be pretty good to be fair.
  9. [quote user="refjezdavies"]Well I stand corrected then - I was fully aware he represented Ireland... The 2nd most successful ENGLISH BORN premier league manager[/quote]There you go spot on.
  10. [quote user="refjezdavies"]I know he represented Ireland but surely that doesn''t make him Irish? I could represent Wales but I wouldn''t say I''m welsh?[/quote]The man is Irish and very proud trust me.
  11. [quote user="refjezdavies"]What part of Ireland is Stratford in twitchy?[/quote]Just happened to be born there ref, check the rest of his history.
  12. [quote user="Leopard"]None of your replies to this thread have been helpful or contributed, that shows your low intelligence. Leopard out.[/quote]Sorry about the abuse Leopard welcome aboard...........Leopard in (too deep) methinks.
  13. Maybe Frankie four fingers is on his way to FCR.
  14. At last a good/interesting thread, very impressed with First acolyte on his/her stance on the issue at hand, btw where did my Woolwich thread go? answers on a postcard.
  15. Bipolar disorder can be a living nightmare, feel for the lad.
  16. [quote user="Herman "]Apologies to Pilks. Didn''t know he got himself hitched. A little bit more important than football. Just. :-)[/quote]It''s debatable Herman, very debatable.
  17. A small silly matter of his wedding/injury ruled the lad out, pity mind since we (Eire) lack his spark.
  18. Trapattoni says Dunne and Hoolahan are almost certain to start against FaroesWould be nice for Wes to get a qualifier under his belt, looks good to go in this article.
  19. Quality ball from Wes to help set up Ireland''s second.
  20. [quote user="Yellow Messiah"]1. Phillipp Hosiner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philipp_HosinerAge: 24 Price: £3mClub: Austrian WienRecord: 31 goals in just 33 games! (Must Buy)2. Jonathan Soriano https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_SorianoAge: 27Price: £2.5mClub: Red Bull SalzburgRecord: 26 goals in 30 games3. Carlos Bacca https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_BaccaAge: 26Price: £5.3mClub: Club BruggeRecord: 24 goals in 34 games4. Maxime Lestienne (Left wing) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxime_LestienneAge: 20Price: £2.6mClub: Club BruggeRecord: 17 goals in 37 games 5. Andreas Cornelius https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andreas_CorneliusAge: 20Price: £5mClub: F.C CopenhagenRecord: 18 goals in 32 games6. Alfreð Finnbogason https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfre%C3%B0_Finnbogason#SC_HeerenveenAge: 24Price: £5mClub: S.C HeerenveenRecord: 24 goals in 31 games[/quote]Austrian hot-shot Philipp Hosiner could be set for a move to England this summer, Sky Sports can reveal.
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