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  1. Many thanks Ricardo, you paint a vivid picture as always, really hit the jackpot there with Mrs Ricardo.
  2. He should enjoy playing his football in the pleasuredome we like to call Carrow Road.
  3. Doc hands down.........no that''s not a request, it''s Doc for me.
  4. Sniff sniff, what''s that I smell, oh yeah it''s Spainboy soiling himself, you need to look over both shoulders lad.
  5. The boy done good by all accounts from what I hear, allbeit a cameo, but great to hear.
  6. At last Houston I thought I was alone there, yeah them blue and red are so last season.
  7. Wait a minute sorry, just heard the lovely Gabby say we can catch all the goals tonight.
  8. Anyone know if the show is still on tonight or is some flower show on its place?
  9. I was in a charity shop the other day and I saw a t.v for sale for a euro.I asked the guy why was it so cheap, he said the volume was stuck on full blast so I thought I couldn''t turn that down.
  10. The ball & chain thinks I''m having an affair thats how much I love this club, she thinks canary is some kind of code word, bless her.
  11. I''m gonna say 1-0 super Wes with a penalty after super Chrissy brought down to the delight of super Mr Lambert and the super fans, all in all a super day overall.
  12. Simple but very effective Big Toe, if the snakepit and the Jarrold could work together, assuming he scores of course.
  13. I like the way our crest sticks out like a sore thumb behind the presenter, or does every other club supporters think the same about there badge..........probably
  14. "When we are promoted" nice, I like the cut of your jib.
  15. Agreed, won''t be there but give him a wave from me lads.
  16. Gawd I hope not Saturdays are rubbish when games are off so fingers crossed the surrounding areas are okay, in saying that what times we are in when games are called off due to the chance that some folk might slip and break a nail on the way, not like the good old days eh!
  17. This lad would be a quality signing, that and I trust Mr. Lamberts judgement 100%
  18. anybody out there in Ireland a canaries fan seem to be a dying breed please help
  19. I think with ever increasing quality of the teams in the championship we should have the players to deal with such problems
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