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  1. [quote user="Lavanche"]Sorry I''m not familiar with term "dud"?[/quote]As in, A thing that fails to work properly or is otherwise unsatisfactory or worthless.An ineffectual person.
  2. [quote user="Lavanche"][quote user="Stig"]All of us, anyone who days otherwhise is a liar. He is great on fifa! He helped me win the league![/quote] Pff I probably have seen every youth national team game in U21 from him that has been broadcasted. Few of his euro league games and quite many Eredivisie games both in Feynoord and PSV ^^ Probably thats why I''m not hyped as most of here as I know his limitations. Anyway were you youtube watcher or jsomeone who has followed him, everyone can see his strenghts and if he developes areas like positioning and long passing he can become anything,[/quote]So do you reckon we might have signed a dud here Lavanche?
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="Grant Holts 3 year contract"]I was banned.There are you happy? The moderators of this forum probably already knew that... but as long as it makes you happy..I WAS BANNED EVERYBODY! QUICK, BAN ME AGAIN EVEN THOUGH I''VE DONE NOTHING ON THIS ACCOUNT TO WARRANT IT! [/quote] So you get banned which I assume means you as an individual and not your user name but you think that just by opening another account entitles you to flout the ban ? Ok but interesting but some may say you are taking the pee. [/quote]Some might say a lot of things, as do they TIL, don''t they.
  4. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Absolutely. Thank God the ''in crowd'' haven''t attacked you..... yet! :-)[/quote]Don''t worry I''m sure it''s in the post Bury.
  5. [quote user="Wiz"][quote user="Twitchy"]Got to say I''m blown away by the Fer and Ricky signings, hats off to all behind it, only thing doing my nut in is the fact SSN keep harping on about the apparent failed medical at EFC, as if we just said Leroy can you just bend over a mo and cough FFS.[/quote]   They''ll try anything to rubbish our efforts Twitchy [/quote]True enough Wiz, since promotion to the EPL they and others have been very dismissive about results/comings and goings etc........................shame on them.
  6. Yep got spidey senses tingling too.
  7. Got to say I''m blown away by the Fer and Ricky signings, hats off to all behind it, only thing doing my nut in is the fact SSN keep harping on about the apparent failed medical at EFC, as if we just said Leroy can you just bend over a mo and cough FFS.
  8. Love the thread title, made my chuckle like one of those brothers.
  9. [quote user="jedi"]Seems strange that McNally would tell anyone other than board members about pending transfers, but what do I know.[/quote]Mind reader.
  10. [quote user="jedi"]Does McNally really tell his staff about possible signings in weekly meetings?? Find that hard to believe to be honest.[/quote]Yeah does not seem like a McNally trait to be Fer.
  11. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]There''s a poster on the thread about a Hooper sighting that is saying thatMcNally has said there won''t be any more signings this week. I believe he''s been proved to have a source at FCR before. Hope he''s wrong, really want this one to happen but the longer it goes on the less confident I become.[/quote]Ah cr@p to that then, was really hoping for some good news come Friday, is Mr Lister one of the chosen few ala BBC/CUSDP?
  12. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]Ignore those rumours Twitchy it''s just twitter propaganda. Nothing to back them up at all.[/quote]You might be right there Joanna, messed about a bit with other names and all sorts of crazy cr@p came up with no back up whatsoever.
  13. Not sure what the Twitter deal is but had a look and folks saying Leroy Fer to sign for EFC in the next 24 hours.
  14. How can this thread be gone cold? I need more info now damn it.
  15. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]bbc used to bring good, solid inside info, he''s a name to trust. So the 2 signings; names already in the mix or someone unexpected?[/quote]Even I''m getting a bit interested now, if what you say is true Joanna bout the OP having a good track record.
  16. Wow.... this really is a thread for insomnia.............many thanks.
  17. I think there is more to Greg than meets the eye.
  18. Great signing this, welcome to the jungle Nathan.
  19. [quote user="Hog"]Perhaps, just perhaps he is a time wasting, attention seeking prat?[/quote]On this message board?..............surely not Hog.
  20. david mcnally ‏@davidmcnally62 6m Good luck to all of players who left #ncfc this Summer.We are close to zero appearances lost from last season though & new ones will arrive Seems confident enough.
  21. Steer to Villa , backroom staff to Villa, Foulger out?....................nurse!
  22. Could be at the in laws and cracked a joke bout the enemy''s nice rack..............you never know.
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