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  1. [quote user="GJP"]We aren''t interested in him and we don''t plan to be.[/quote]Good to know.
  2. It''s far too quiet for me on the striker front, something needs to happen soon.
  3. [quote user="Johnny_Bravo"]Someone just asked journalist and NCFC fan if he excepted us make a move now and he said it''s all gone a little quite.[/quote]Getting quite interesting this alright.
  4. [quote user="The ghost of Michael Theoklitos"]I''m starting to hope we do sign him purely for the reason that if we don''t, every time he scores a goal for QPR, we''ll have a new thread on here outlining that we should have signed him because he scored a goal for QPR.Combined with the anticipated new thread for each Holt goal at Wigan, this place is going to be very overcrowded with I-told-you-so''s.It''s going to be unbearable.[/quote]Great call TgoMT, going to happen for sure...............can''t wait.
  5. Celtic boss Neil Lennon has reiterated he wants in-demand striker Gary Hooper to stay with the Scottish Premier League club. The forward played 25 minutes against Cliftonville on Tuesday night as Celtic cruised through to the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round with a 5-0 aggregate victory. Hooper has been linked with Nottingham Forest after previous interest from QPR in the Championship, but Lennon has not given up hope of retaining his services. Bhoys chief executive Peter Lawwell held discussions with the City Ground outfit earlier in the day to set out their stance on Hooper. Lennon said: "I spoke to him today and asked him how he was feeling. He said he could do with some game-time, and that''s exactly what we did. "He''s not given me any indication either way, so no news is good news on that front. If I''ve got him here for next week, I''ll be delighted. "It''s a better squad with Gary in it. From our point of view we want him to stay, and if we can persuade him to stay we will do everything we can to do that. "I think Peter was speaking to Nottingham today to tell them that he''s not for sale, or if he is for sale they are going to have to come back with a sizeable offer. "He was excellent tonight and he has been for the last 12 or 13 months now." Forest in the mix now.
  6. [quote user="SYG"]He is in their squad, they played two games with two different teams, he captained one of them. Make of that as you will[/quote]Okay note to self Twitter ain''t so reliable then.
  7. Not in the Juve squad tonight or so they say.
  8. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]Well I hardly post anymore anyway so who would notice [;)][/quote]Noted.
  9. [quote user="Joanna Grey"]Freeview. No sign-up.[/quote]Cheers Jo.
  10. Any Canary fans heading to Lanzarote next month?
  11. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Will the Stream be for US audiences only though?Or will it be available in all countries?[/quote]Good question RC plus do you need to sign up/be a member?
  12. [quote user="Sussexyellow"]I can not say that the thought of signing Maxi excites me but let''s keep a sense of proportion. He must have some talent as he was sought after by Barcelona. Since then his career appears to have gone south. So iproviding he is looking to rebuild his career and commit to the cause we could get a player with some pedigree at a modest price.[/quote]Good post very much agree.
  13. [quote user="Evesham Canary"]Apologies if this has already been said within the 15 pages but I noticed Lennon say that Hooper is likely to be gone within a week. Anything to do with us being away for a week?[/quote]I''m with you on where you''re going with this...............interesting.
  14. [quote user="Wazzy van Donkeydangler"][quote user="Twitchy"]CK one post, smells of something alright.[/quote] ..and it aint Calvin Klein [:P] [/quote]Glad it wasn''t wasted Wazzy.
  15. CK one post, smells of something alright.
  16. Not sure if it''s been mentioned already (seems pretty apt) but the forum police for me.
  17. Norwich away..................love it!
  18. [quote user="Dr Crafty Canary"]Everton are now claimed to be interested in Toby.[/quote]Bless them, probably still pi$$ed off over The Bouncer.
  19. [quote user="PurpleCanary"][quote user="Excited Canary"]@ADP1113: Juventus have rejected Norwich''s 10m offer for Quagliarella, it was presented by Norwich coach Hughton who was in Milano today - @dimarzio Sky Italy[/quote]   There is probably an answer, but if Juventus is based in Turin why would Hughton be in Milan? [/quote]Neutral(ish) ground perhaps.
  20. Pity it was rejected, still seems really weird to see us bid ten million anythings for a player, how times have changed, not that long ago it was the fans that helped fund the purchase a certain overweight tyre fitter.
  21. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]My assumption is Lambert feared for us in the second yearHe wanted the money to spend in year 2 rather than wait for year 3 and relative stability.We didn''t offer him the funds for year 2 so he left.[/quote]Yep thinking this.
  22. david mcnally ‏@davidmcnally62 28s “@Luca_Elia_: @davidmcnally62 are we done in this transfer window or far from it?” far from it Sounds good to me.
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