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  1. you''ve been listening to too many match of the day pundits!!! Last few games we''ve played a really good pass and move game, with the odd long ball thrown in so not to disappoint our critics will miss our african boys though, spesh faye, god that boy can make a tackle!!!!!!  :)

  2. hey thats my new player you''re talking about!!!

    Do you think he''ll do well at bolton? i''ve got faith in him already, thing is, where will he play when our african boys come back? Borgetti is struggling to get picked and though i don''t rate him too much, he usually scores!

    Hope he''s not left languishing somewhere like fernandes was. :)



  3. ah bless you, i might even take her to both seeing as i haven''t got a game either day, i much prefer saturday football.....

    Ill pop on nearer the time to find out if anyone''s  going and to hopefully meet up for a pint. you''ll be able to spot us, 2 brown haired girls, one in the green norwich shirt and one in a bolton shirt-maybe not the best idea! I''1l have to ask one of you to bring me up a spare shirt!!

    Good luck with the season, and i''ll be back soon :)

  4. my best friend decided she was missing out by not supporting a football team...after much deliberation, she chose NCFC.

    As a surprise, I want to take her to a game. The only ones fairly locally, that fit around my Bolton games are Burnley away and Preston away.

    Which is likely to be the best one to go to? Best atmosphere, able to get a ticket for etc. Oh, and when are they likely to go on sale?

    Can you help 2 damsels in distress???  Cheers Huh? [:^)]

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