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  1. I think you will probably find that thye are worth 300 million based on the value of the company they own not what money they have in the bank.  For sure they will have more than the average Joe but there wealth is held in assets not cash.
  2. I don''t understand your logic of getting rid of our best player.  And who do we replace him with?I thought he went in intentially to do him, was that the same guy who got booked for hauling him down when he was on a run through the middle a few minutes earlier.Teams try to kick him out of the game every week and he gets no protection from referees, every now and then the red mist discends
  3. Anyone not giving him a warm welcome should stay at home
  4. Give the guy a chance FFS, everyone is moaning when we done sign players, we sign someone and thats not right.  Look at the values other strikers are going for Vine £2.5m (way overpriced), Redknapp said Eastwood has a £4m price tag on him.  We really don''t have that much cash in the coffers.  He has an excellent players in DD to learn from, give him a chance
  5. Spillaine has been playing centre back for the reserves and I think thats his natural position.  I see Rossi J as more of a midfielder or fullback
  6. I think we have a problem in that 433 allows the best out of Hucks as he doesn''t need to defend as much as he does in 442 but Earnshaw would be suited to 442.  I think we have a problem is finding a system to optimise our best two players
  7. This is the same Jarvis that everyone was slagging Worthington off for when it looked like we were going to let his contract run out and release at the end of last season.  He obviously has tallent but has at some point got to deliver.  Its getting on four years since he made his debut and can''t be regarded as bright prospect forever.
  8. Was a thoroughly entertaining evening.  Haven''t been to a reserve game for a while but we passed the ball about well (even though it was only Luton) and there looks like there are players there who could have a good future.
  9. Whilst I can never claim to be an admirer of Hughes I have always refrained from booing him as he always seems to give his all but lacks the ability required.  This has never been helped with the decision to play him right side of midfield which is clearly not his position.He has carried the burden of the £500,000 transfer fee we paid for him which he cannot be blamed for
  10. A tall target man doesn''t mean that we have to play long ball, it should mean we have an option to to make us less predictable.  There will be games when we need to vary out tactics and sometimes a big man will help with that.  Now we are playing with a winger a good target man who can head a ball would have a field day with the service Crofty is putting in
  11. Season ticket since 1988/89.First game was Norwich 2 Liverpool 1 in 1986 (i think)
  12. Its a Cadilac Dickson has not a Bentley   WLY has a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I drive past training ground most mornings to work and see alot of players on the way
  13. Driving home in the pouring rain last night was thinking about our style of play.Everyone complains about the keeper kicking long balls up to Ernie and Leon but if the fullbacks are not offering short options what else can he do.  Even the times Gallagher did roll out to Fleming he had to hit it long as no one was looking for the short pass.The only person coming short wanting the ball is McVeigh but we all know he won''t be in starting lineup a week on Saturday.The reality is we haven''t got enough players good enough on the ball to play how we all want to
  14. Surely it is more important we sign the right players rather then when we sign them.  We have made too many pannick buys before and it clearly hasn''t worked so everyone relax a bit and moan when we have signed them if they''re not good enough
  15. The right back took some thinking of and that terrible central midfielder
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