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  1. a few points; 1) the reason rossi was played at right back was because both of our right backs were injured. 2) there is no evidence whatsoever that jarrett doesn''t want to be at the club. this is a myth with no substantiation. 3) how can you say on the basis of a subs'' appearance against luton that rossi ''can cut it''. ludicrous. 4) why are you posting about norwich never playing youth players the day after we give a debut to two youth players and a first start to another? 5) what are you going on with this idea that worthy cannot spend money properly? he has only spent remotely big on three occasions. one was ashton. one was doherty. arguably our two best players this season after safri. the third was jonson, who opinions are divided on, but most people think we should have kept, and on whom we nevertheless got our money back.
  2. frankly, no. on the basis of the combined intelligence of the people on this board though, maybe they should. surely having a press conference after the game is what is known as keeping the fans informed.
  3. i haven''t posted on here for quite a while, since this whole ktf / worthy outer debate was begun, stopping anyone from posting a view without being put into one of the 2 camps i just thought i would tell you though, that you have basically said exactly what i hve been meaning to say for the last 2 months or so since i last posted. thanks for that. by the way, i used to post as Kolin Kob, but for some reason my old profile doesn''t work any more. don''t know why. anyone on the webteam able to shed any light?
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