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  1. Hmmm I''ve this strange feeling I''ve seen this somewhere before.... http://www.thebluearmy.co.uk/details.asp?back=true&key=1D29|0|2185366269754|R|536|5825231742007348754131&parentkey=1D29|0|2185366269754|p|536|0
  2. Jarvis didn''t enjoy being out on the left, slightly better when Eagle came on but seemed off the pace. Dublin held up the ball OK but watching him and Thorne was a bit like slow motion. Earnshaw not getting the service at the moment and this I think is the key. Yes we can keep a clean sheet although that was as much to do with Vale fluffing their lines as well as our defence but I would have liked to have seen Dublin and Earnshaw on the pitch together.
  3. I''d like to add my thanks for the work Nigel Worthington has done for Norwich. He was for 4 years as good a manager as we could have hoped for. The final call has been played out very much in the public eye and I for one feel some shame to see the way the axe has been applied. Nigel needed to go but to put the guy under such public pressure rather than dealing with the issue behind doors was poor. Someone needed to support him in his final hour and it turned out to be the opposition manager rather than anyone from our own club. That was a credit to Cotteril and a damning reflection of our supposed ''togetherness''.
  4. Commence anorak wearing..... Programmer = Someone who takes written specifications and writes code.Software Developer = Someone with the knowledge to analyse business issues, construct specifications and writes code.Anorak removed.....
  5. No I would never call Worthington a coward. No matter what the tune he has come out to face the music. My point was that faced with the deadline on the transfer window better use could be made with his time. Fox safely back in his lair with no shots fired!
  6. Mr Worthington should be ''working round the clock'' with his transfers rather than having a trip to the seaside.
  7. No Thanks. Saw him play at Wrexham a couple of times and was not that impressed. I think Swansea have probably eeked out his full potential and there is no further step up for him.
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