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  1. Apparently he was due to be on the bench but came in with flu this morning or yesterday, and was therefore withdrawn from the squad. Hopefully he was due to be rested simply because of his international trip, otherwise it''s slightly worrying. An off form Safri is still head and shoulders above any of our other midfielders (and I use that term very loosely). Also, Doherty was embarassing today with his constant grabbing of Lee. And where was the organisation at the back? Sitting on the bench I think. Robinson out
  2. Rasputin, you are spot on when you say that it was much improved over last season. But playing worse than we did at Wolves, QPR, Derby etc. would have been impossible. I thought we looked quite good but did we look much better than we did on the opening day last season? I don''t think so. Against Coventry we created a handful of chances which Ashton wasted, and it was the same yesterday with Earnie. Yes we passed the ball better than we have been and should have been up at the break, but the same failings were there from the manager. Again we went in a goal down at the break away from home, and apart from an Earnshaw header, never looked like getting back in the game in the 2nd half. And Worthington''s answer? Take off midfielders, thrown on as many strikers as possible and lob it up to them. I think the turning point was when Croft went off, because as soon as Mckenzie came on, we immediately started looking for his head rather than playing the good passing football which we played in the first half. My worry is that if we get an injury in midfield or defence, it will be Hughes and Fleming who fill in the gaps, who simply aren''t good enough. While everyone stays fit, we should be able to beat teams at home, but lose a couple of players and it is going to be a struggle. Well done to Colin who played well today and should continue to improve. And Drury made some superb tackles as well. Keep it up boys.
  3. “Most of the time I''ve been here the club''s made huge strides. We''ve had a wonderful time. We''ve had a hiccup last year and we''ll hopefully try to put that right and move forward again this year.” I know what you mean, Nigel. Shelling out £100s to see 19 away games without a win was just superb. And those fans trying to start fights with each other last season, definately a sign that everyone is having a great time. And remember the protesting in the snow. Fond memories for all I''m sure. Of course when he says ''we'', he means himself, Delia and Michael and those cosy evenings together. As for his job not being on the line, that may be the case, but he is still just saying it to wind up those fans who want him gone. Worthington must go.
  4. So he is 30 and has just scored 15 goals in the championship. Where has he been for the last 10 years? Iwan had been a goalscorer at this level for a number of seasons at different clubs. And when we signed him he was the best that we could afford. And weren''t we playing to 10,000 crowds and crippled by debt in those days? Now we have just been in the premiership and have 20,000+ season tickets and financial security. Yet it seems we are still no more able to buy young , talented players than we were then. Unfortunately, the lack of ambition shown by the club is being matched by a large number of fans. You can add Horsfield and Ferguson as other players who are too old for us. Young and Hungry? Young and Hungry? Young and Hungry? We need players who have the potential to become better layers, hopefully in the premiership. Nigel''s "young and hungry" is spot on. As of yet, he is yet to put it into practice, and it doesn''t look like he will be starting any time soon.
  5. Not me. Whatever happened to "young and hungry" eh Nige. Just shows the ambition of the club right now. He might do for a season in the championship, but aren''t we looking to be promoted? Probably not. Lets get someone in who we can develop into an even better player.
  6. I wouldn''t be against signing Davenport, but I would if were for £1m as has been mentioned. Considering the fact that he played on the left side, where Shackell plays, it doesn''t seem like an area of the team that needs strengthening the most. Why spend £1m so that Shackell can sit on the bench when there are other areas that need covering first such as a 2nd striker, RM, cover for Safri, cover for Hux, an attacking midfielder and a right back. If we could address these areas and have enough left over to buy Dav then by all means sign him up. Don''t forget that we also have Spillane who should make the step up this season as well, although I wont be holding my breath.
  7. Yes, I would have to agree with you there. I assume you don''t mean this summer, but if we don''t go up this season, which we probably wont, then I can''t see us being able to hang on to him. He will want to go and we will want to sell him simply because he will be our only player worth anything, apart from maybe Green. The board have already said that big changes will be made to the playing staff if we don''t go up, which makes their continued faith in Worthington all the more strange. This is our one chance to get back and I just can''t see it happening with this manager. Bleak times ahead. Oh well, at least we are signing another goalie!
  8. Alright Mystic, here it is word for word from the pinkun article: “I thought the crowd was excellent,” he said. “On the lap after the game I thought the true supporters were there and showed that exceptionally well, and great credit to them. He is saying that those who stayed to support him are true fans and those who left, presumably to show that they don''t support him, are not. End of. Obviously the hundreds of others all over the messageboards have all overreacted as well. I doubt it.
  9. To Mystic Megson, I can confirm that I stayed for the lap of honour to clap the players but not to show support for Worthington. I then walked straight back to the car to hear the end of canary call and then all the interviews. Whether or not someone heard these comments live or not, does not change what he said. And I would say that there were around 8,000 max, and out of those probably about half might have been there to support Worthington.
  10. Me and my whole family were disgusted by this comment, and that''s coming from people who DID stay behind and applaud. Not because we support Worthington (we all want him out and protest) but because we felt that some of the players deserved our support. I respect the right of those who stayed away as a protest as well as those who stayed to show support for the manager, but I think that most were there simply there to clap those who have given their all i.e. Hux, Doc, Flem, Leon etc. It might also have been the last time today that I will ever shout "Greeno, Greenoo" and I think the legend deserved a send off if he leaves in the summer. To Nigel: I am a loyal supporter who wanted to show some appreciation to the players but are you so stupid that you believed that reception was for you? Well it wasn''t. But I will say again, those comments were a disgrace and the board should sack him immediately. Otherwise we will have to assume that they agree with his comments.  And if a fan who has paid around £25 for a ticket and has travelled 3 hours to attend and doesn''t want to hang around because they want to get home, does that not make them a loyal supporter? Worthington out.
  11. I have to agree with Jas. There are 4 in my family who all have season tickets and all want Worthington out. We all have season tickets for next season, not because we renewed, but because we had 3 or 5 year season tickets.
  12. I will second that Meeky. One query though. If, as you say, the police want us to remain on the pavement in carrow road, it will be difficult for say 1000 people to cram onto the pavement outside the directors entrance. Hope this does not cause a problem between protestors and the police.
  13. I think Stephen has it spot on about the Norfolk mentality. Even at a derby match, when "stand up if you hate the scum" was sang, hardly any from the South stand, River end or city were doing it. I don''t blame them however because evening in the Barclay, I myself was too depressed to stand up. It has been said before that when the Barclay or Snakepit sing "On the ball city" or "follow, follow..", the rest of the ground may not join in but that doesn''t mean they don''t agree with what is being sung. But when "Worthy out" is sung, people say it is only the minority. Well you can only go on what is being heard and "Worthington''s green army" has been replaced by "Worthy out". I think this speaks volumes.  
  14. FAO Amarillo. So who could do better? Anyone. There is not one manager in this league who I wouldn''t rather have than Worthington, apart from maybe Craig Levein. And Joe Royle, although he is a better manager. You could be right in saying "who could do better in getting us to the playoffs?", but that is because our squad is so poor now and this is down to the terrible purchases that have been made and the players that have wrongly been released. Unfortunately, it has been left so long that a new manager would need time to assess the squad and completely rebuild it. You are also right that a majority of Ashton''s goals have come from crosses. So just think how many he would have scored if we provided him with that kind of service every week. Why did we hoof the ball up to Ashton for 90 mins against Preston and Sheff U and Leicester and Derby etc.? You are also right that a lot of clubs have fallen out of the Prem and have not gone straight back up. But most have been left with huge debts and many have fallen into administration. We are not one of these clubs and credit must go to the board for this. We were supposed to be following the Charlton model which means bouncing back at the first attempt. This could still happen via the playoffs but if it doesn''t, the Charlton model will have failed. Nigel Worthington will then have failed to meet his target and should leave the football club. My hope is that it will happen a lot sooner than that. Worthy Out!
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