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  1. I see a couple of old faces so I''ll tidy this one up as well.ce
  2. Volleball being the Larrousse version of Volleyball. CE
  3. I posted a link to a quite funny article about the random allocation of tickets.The writer proposed that the contestants should be randomly allocated too.So the sprinters have to do dressage, the weightlifters ... the pole vault.the list could go on. (But keep the ladies volleball.) Ok I know ....ist pig.
  4. and the NOTW have hacked Delia''s phoneLiked that ... staunch defender of Delia but what translation device would they have used?CE.
  5. Glad you keep an eye on things Cuthbert.J.TRead through all the comments and I think only one didn''t see his style as humorous.Such is life.   Loved to see Coe who often seems a bit prissy in giggles.Anyway if Sir Humphrey wants to offload his Wiff Waff tickets ..PM and I will see if daughter would like take them over.Nothing to do with me I hasten to add. And I am sure you will enjoy the whatever it is, if you wish to keep the tickets.Apologies in advance if it was an inappropriate thought.ce
  6. Good gag about the shoe shining event!.Daughter applied for £84.00 pounds worth hoping for Table Tennis.And horsey onesShe is absolutely thrilled with tickets for some Equestrian events in Greenwich Park.Failed on the Table Tennis. They were hoping to take partner''s Dad, I think he was quite good in olden times.They like to annoy him and call it Ping Pong whenever possible.ce
  7. Sorry about your Zimmer AJ Wizard.My older brother has a broken toe. The little oneHe knows it was broken because it really hurt and he heard it crack as well.Very easy to walk into something in the dark that has been a feature for decades!Nothing Much you can do but strap it up with gaffer tape.Seems the little pinky is the most (well almost) important part of the anatomy. ce
  8. Well the reply button is back to the usual spot. What is needed is a Message Broad! Delia?
  9. Much as I admire Delia. I thought the Cooking Ssherrrry gag elsewhere a hoot.ce
  10. As a chenalman and a skolar I always spring to Delia''s defence.Could have been much worse. Interesting article for a non football follower.ce
  11. Just to prove my Sherlock Holmes credentials. Shuck. Followed a very silly motorbike on the A 149 to the next village.(Thanks streetview.) End of Well lane Brancaster is the little studio. He does advertise.Anyway that''s me for the day.  It is thunderous in London. My brother wants me to sell up and move to the Cotswolds.Why would I do that when Norfolk has so much to offer?ce
  12. I sometimes wish. "Kick it off"...( good name for a beer!), that I had grown up in sensible parts of the world than the heat of Persia an Iraq, or the snakes and spiders in Papua.  Norfolk will calm you down after graduation.Old Shuck. The boatyard/chandlery (thanks google sattelite) is off the main road almost adjacent to a road called Common Lane.Snellings. I decided to pop in on the off chance of a bit of sailmaking information. Lo and behold. Canvas anchor bags.The shop gave me the makers name. And we had our repairs done. He was retired but seemed to like being busy.As he had a lot of green canvas webbing ready for,as mentioned, the gamekeepers of Holkham. We have green canvas seats and "anchor bag blue" bags to hold the pieces in. We approached his house from Docking so it must have been  towards Thornham.One day I will be relegated to "It''s not just football". I am just off down the A149 streetview to see if I can find the canvas makerce
  13. I think that is why we ended up inland. Basically cheaper and nicer too. A neighbour for a time was Tariq Ali. The old rich radical.Son played cricket with him. He lost a lot of money backing a play. Had to move.We spent a lot of time retrieving wellingtons trying to collect samphire in your neck of the woods.After 25 years living inland we Tut-tutted about the closed properties too.I do think I have the business card somewhere .I will try.ce
  14. Following this thread I think what did we do wrong over on the other redacted forum.?Most folk ignored comments.I think this thread was funny. muff said. Apologies for spelling.ce
  15. Well Alysha you will be glad to hear that your stars appear in Islington as stars.I think as you wanted.Are they Ipswich stars?.... (shut up, you fool.)ce.. (in jest, as always).
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