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    Squad Numbers

    For those who don''t like copy-and-pasting:

    1 - Ruddy

    2 - Whittaker

    3 - Wisdom

    4 - Johnson

    5 - Martin

    6 - Bassong

    7 - Grabban

    8 - Howson

    9 -

    10 - Jerome

    11 - Hooper

    12 - Brady

    13 - Rudd

    14 - Wes

    15 - Toffolo (Big things expected?)

    16 -

    17 - E Bennett

    18 - Dorrans

    19 - Lafferty

    20 - Andreu

    21 - Mulumbu (his number at West Brom)

    22 - Redders

    23 - Olsson

    24 - R Bennett

    25 -

    26 - Turner

    27 - Tettey

    28 - O'' Neill

    29 - The Wolf

    30 -

    31 - Kean

    32 - VOO

    Interesting to see that a lot of the youngsters have lost their numbers - none more blatantly as the Murphy twins
  2. Chunky Norwich

    Squad Numbers

    Hot off the press: http://www.canaries.co.uk/news/article/norwich-city-premier-league-squad-numbers-2600578.aspx

    Good call on Bass being #6. #9 is ominously free .
  3. Chunky Norwich

    New Kit 2015/16

    If the club released the new shirt tomorrow I''d be 100x more likely to buy one than the ''old'' one for Wemberley
  4. Chunky Norwich

    New Kit 2015/16

    I don''t think we will. I think the club have been incredibly canny; people will shell out full price on an ''old'' shirt to wear their colours with pride at Wembley (even I''m tempted and I haven''t bought a shirt in years!). If we do win the game, they''ll then release the new one almost instantly to capitalise on the feel-good factor and people will end up buying two - at full price - in quick succession.

    Even if we don''t win, new shirts will always sell.
  5. Jeremy Goss was Cypriot wasn''t he?I have a special place in my heart for Simeon Jackson, Fuglestad, Helveg, Steeno and Fer because he scored in a World Cup
  6. Chunky Norwich

    Bassong to Palace?

    America is better than Britain!!!
  7. Chunky Norwich

    In Defence of Sebastian Bassong

    My defense would be that he was voted, by the fans, POTS two seasons ago.However something has quite clearly happened and there have been soundbites from other players citing how much better the squad is and they are more of a team. I don''t think this is to attack Bassong but it does hint at an overall problem...
  8. Chunky Norwich

    Pilkington joins Cardiff - official

    Whether he was peripheral or injured or in Neil Adams'' plans is not the thing that''s bothering me; it''s letting him go for only a million pounds. We bought him from a - as then - League One side for 3 million and he''s then gone on to perform consistently well in the Premiership for three years and score on average five goals a season from midfield. The fact that he''s gone to one of our promotion rivals (at the time of writing) for so little is shocking.Personally I loved Pilks as a player and he was versatile, could pass, score, cross, track back etc.I am not overly chuffed about this.
  9. Chunky Norwich

    Racist abuse again

    Sounds appalling. And the media wonder why homosexual players refuse to come out...I hope Benno and family realise that this is an incredibly small percentage of NCFC fans.
  10. Chunky Norwich

    Binners Shirts

    You''ve just put up a link to a decent story about 1p5wich. Mings sounds like a good lad
  11. Chunky Norwich

    Ruddy replacement

    You do realise though that it will get to a point when whatever you post, people simply won''t bother to click on it?
  12. Chunky Norwich

    Where was Grabban today

    You know how to pick an eye-catching avatar
  13. Chunky Norwich

    Why are Cardiff favourites to go up?

    I agree with Wiz''s first point; takes the pressure off us. Also bookie''s odds are not just based on who they think will go up but also how the market is working. Maybe there''s lots of Malaysian money being put on Cardiff so they shorten the odds.
  14. I think 25 or 26-man squad with the youth team to back up as required. If Adams is going back to the diamond:GK: Strong. Ruddy, Bunn, Rudd.DL: Strong. Olsson, Garrido Fine. The fact that the number 3 shirt has been left vacant is interesting. Lots of talk about Olsson leaving.DR: Only one. Whitaker. Martin has been used as centre-half by Adams and it''s interesting he''s been shifted from 2 to 5. Benno is being used at RB in friendlies.DC: Looking thin. Turner, Martin, R Bennett look good but Bassong is surely off?DM: Strong. Johnson, Tettey.CM: Strong. Howson, Fer, Pilks, BennoAM: Hoolahoop. Murphies. Loza.ST: Strong. Hooper, Lafferty, Wolfie, Grabban, BecchioObviously some of the CMs may be playing as AMs (Fer or Howson). Players may yet be tempted away - most likely Fer and Ruddy but those funds will be pumped back into the squad.It looks like Adams priority should really be centre halves and right backs. It actually looks like a very good squad...
  15. Chunky Norwich


    I completely agree. How much would Villa bid for him? A million? Maybe less?Even if Hoolahan comes on and changes two or three games in our favour, those four or six points might be priceless at the end of the season.I think he''ll only go if he (or his agent) really want to engineer a move out
  16. Chunky Norwich


    Yes it''s only Braintree but still pleased for him. He didn''t look overly pleased though...
  17. Thanks, City1st. I was expecting a picture of a pair of goals in Braintree though!Lafferty certainly looks a beast, RvW looks like he is scoring his ''Porto'' kind of goals - right place, right time - and the kit looks quite nice.
  18. Personally I think it does mean something. Although being number 20 is better than being busted all the way down to number 30!
  19. Chunky Norwich

    The new Holt

    Not too many people were moaning when Tierney went down like that against Bolton.I actually don''t think Lafferty has been brought in to score goals; that will be down to Hooper and Grabban. I think Lafferty is there to add physical presence and win flick-ons and so forth. We so badly missed a target man last year. I don''t care if Lafferty only scores a handful as long as he helps someone else score the winning goals.
  20. Chunky Norwich

    Gays In The Military

    "Is that a village of women and kids? Quick, where''s the napalm?! I don''t want any gay people hanging around me while I''m killing kids"
  21. Chunky Norwich

    £5million bid for McCormack submitted

    McCormack isn''t just a striker though; he can also play in the Wes role or the Huckerby/Snoddy one. If Snods, Pilks and/or Reds all head for the hills we''re only left with Benno and the Murphies - or whatever the plural of Murphy is
  22. Chunky Norwich

    Hoolahan Wants Out... Again

    Playing in the Premiership under a manager who uses and respects you with bigger wages or sitting on a bench for a Championship club? Frankly if Wes wanted to stay with us I''d want to check his pulse. Wes didn''t have to play every single game last season but he was criminally underused. Don''t blame him if he did want to go and can never understand people who ''hate'' players who move away from us (e.g. Ashton, Bellamy, Klingon)
  23. Without appearing to sound rude, I''d have thought we were Wolves bogey team; for nothing more than knocking them out of the play-offs. Obviously our major bogey team is are still Fulham though...
  24. Chunky Norwich

    David Bentley

    Jimmy Bullard references him in his book; says that he was simply too much of a ''lad'' and couldn''t handle being told what to do by managers and coaches. Says he was constantly joking and couldn''t stop winding people up - including screaming ''Postman Pat'' in Fabio Capello''s face every time he walked past him. I remember Worthy dropping him for recreating the John Smith''s advert.Was technically very gifted.
  25. Chunky Norwich

    England predictions

    2-2. If the ref''s Japanese then 5-5 with pennos all round