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    Forum Feedback

    Can we display the ‘date joined’ for each user rather than having to click into it? Helps me save time as I like to read genuine posters rather than trolls etc etc. And this could help me spot if someone has just signed up recently to waste time. Just a thought
  2. Blainsey

    Forum Feedback

  3. Blainsey

    Quiz of the week...?

    I really enjoyed the first three quizzes of the week but they seem to have disappeared... have I missed them or have they been discontinued?

    Love a bit of NCFC trivia challenge!
  4. Blainsey

    First Wizard

    RIP Wiz

    Always enjoyed your hexing.
  5. Blainsey

    The "Hoolahan dilemma" returns....

    With the diamond the width comes from the overlapping fullbacks, so it''s def possible to have 2 up top and keep the width. I think (hope) we''ll see Olsson and Whittaker pushing forward whilst Johnson, Howson and Tettey sit deep.

    To be fair we''ll need several formations this season anyway, so I''m sure that we''ll see switches game to game plus I doubt Wes will play every match..

    But you''re right, a nice dilemma to have.
  6. Blainsey

    olsson to west ham

    Fully agree with the Ruddy point. Big statement of intent if he stays. I''d also start Becchio, sign another striker and have Hooper/Loza as back up.

  7. Blainsey

    So it is Malky

    Yep I''d be happy with that Herman!

    Rosler would do a better job than Zola I think.
  8. Blainsey

    So it is Malky

    The pragmatist in me says Malky.....the adventurer in me is screaming out for Zola!
  9. Blainsey

    Surman and Fox

    I rate Fox and I think that both he and Surman will/should be key players for us. Given the frequency of the matches in the championship we will need to a good sized squad clear of those who don''t fancy the away matches in dec on a cold rainy tues eve in dec. Fox knows the league.
  10. Not many prior to me Patches. I used to post a fair bit on the old message board before the ''big bang'' so to speak. I remember XXXXL used to be on there all the time but I''ve not heard much from him recently.

    Every thread seems to descend into arguing or abuse.... I read the message board almost every day, I just don''t often respond to posts.

    Nice to see a few of the ''class of 2003'' still writing in here.
  11. Blainsey

    Missing posters

    I get fed up with commenting on here. I read the board most days as it keeps me in the loop now that I live out of Norwich. I find lots of posts informative however they almost always descend into abuse/attacks/trolling and by the 5th or 6th response have lost the vein of the original thread.

    Difficult to get an actual football debate without someone accusing the other of being an arm chair fan, moron, lover, hater etc etc.

    I shall always continue to read and check the board - but for us ''original'' message board users - it''s not the same. In the early days before social media - it was great to be able to reach out and share Norwich related thoughts with like minded fans. The original intent of the board seems to have been lost somewhat.
  12. Blainsey

    I want O'Neil

    He has unfinished business with us.

    The motivation of Lambert but with more tactical nous and would be a huge lift. Great track record aside from a poor spell with a difficult bunch of Sunderland players.
  13. Blainsey

    To sack or not to sack....

    Sadly I think you''re right.

    If we do by some great escape stay in the league. Then how long would you give the current team? If we stay up then I suppose he needs a chance with some new signings.
  14. Blainsey

    To sack or not to sack....

    Looking at other teams who have ''pulled the trigger'', I can''t help but wonder whether it is something we would be foolish to do or not...

    Sunderland and Saints have both ridden a little bit of that new manager feeling, Reading not quite so well but then they managed a great win yesterday at our bogey ground!

    Admittedly any sacking and appointment for two games is an almost ridiculous gamble but would it be any worse than the status quo...?

    Half of me kept expecting to wake up today and see a ''Hughton'' sacked headline with perhaps say an O''Neil or some other unemployed manager to come in for the two games. I really am undecided on whether it would be in our interests to do it...if pushed I''d say probably stick with Hughton but I just can''t abide the thought of another 4-5-1 next week with limited attacking play.

  15. Blainsey

    Song for Kamara

    Like that one too!
  16. Blainsey

    Song for Kamara

    Been a while since I wrote on here and it appears that my naughty word has been asterixed;

    Was supposed to read

    ''sh**e'' to rhyme with alright
  17. Blainsey

    Song for Kamara

    Just throwing it out there..... To the tune of ''I Love You Baby''

    Ke-i Ke-i Kei Kamara

    Ke-I Ke-i. Kei Kamara

    Oh Kei Kamara

    Because its quite alright to love Kamara

    Tho MLS is shite

    We love Kamara

    Just be good and score some goals

    Ohhh Kei Kamara....

    And repeat or amend for verse two.

    You''ll all probably all think this song is shite but it''s half-term (teacher) and I think I''m still drunk!
  18. Congrats on 10k posts AJ.

    I started reading the Pink Un on-line in 1998 (ish) when I first went to UEA. Didnt start reading the message boards until 2001 ish and started posting about 2002 on the old message board inter-face. Not many used to post on there but I do remember XXXL on there a lot. Is he still about?

    Then I joined up again when the board changed to its current interface. I read regularly on here as I find people''s thoughts and ideas on tactics / new signings etc interesting, I just get fed up when each post seems to invariably degenerate into slagging off or critiquing of poor grammer (sic).

    Good to see there are still a few of us old dinosaurs (Wiz etc) from 2003 still about on here.

  19. Good topic!

    In no order;

    1) Huckerby - probably the only ''marquee'' signing we have made since Ive been supporting the club. Big name signing who sent shockwaves when he arrived and galvanised us to win the league. He is the player I have been most excited about us signing upon reading the announcement.

    2) Ian Crook - Held the midfield together for a decade. Consistent solid performances and his eye for a pass or free kick was exemplary.

    3) Iwan Roberts - Just kept on scoring when all around him couldn''t.

    4) Mark Bowen - Our best ever left back imo. Calm, dependable and held the back line together at times.

    5) John Ruddy - bit left-field but after Fraser left I feared the worst yet he has been superb (the odd shocker aside), comfortably held his own in the Prem and now got into the England squad.

  20. Blainsey


    Two sisters, lesbians probably. Im just watching
  21. Blainsey

    Glad to see Guthrie gone

    Very glad we didn''t sign this guy after reading about his wedding. The bride was punched and the staff said him and his friends were like ''peasants with money''.

    Can''t seem him fitting into our team of ''leaders and captains''. We have a great team spirit and togetherness. No need to disturb that.
  22. Has anyone read the report that Lambert (when with us) enquired after Ajax midfielder Vurnon Anita. It now appears Newcastle and Villa are going to be locked in a two-way battle for him. I guess from this we can now see who we may miss out on transfer-wise. I for one think he is a good player and would have added a lot to our team.
  23. This was the first ever game I attended!!!

    A wet behind the ears 14 year old wearing my yellow and green flecked top from the year before!

    Nothing in my life has ever matched the eurphoria I felt when Sutch scored the winner several minutes from time!

    And big Jon Newsome at the back, one of my favourite ever players.
  24. [quote user="Calsworth"]Unfortunately football is a greed sport.  Fans expect the best (they have a right, they pay their yearly/weekly ticket prices etc) footballers expect to be paid stupid wages per week which might take some of us quite a few years to earn the same amount, but it''s always the manager or chairman/women who get it in the neck the most.At the end of the day Portsmouth/Hull have showed what over spending does with no contingency planWould you put 11 million into a club if you were rich, but not elite style rich? I know I wouldnt, as you won''t get it back.  But they are "expected" to hense the greed. Whilst we are human we will make judgmental errors, simple as that really.But to answer your question, yes you have someone better in charge than Ipswich do, a richer chairman doesn''t always mean a better one, unless all your care about is risking your clubs future in the long runNorwich are not going to be the only team with premiership ambition, every club will have it, one will make a club, one will break a club however.Also, off topic (sorry)  I''ve noticed different club supporters come on here, I''m one of them, I''m a Tottenham girly, but i''ve noticed one of two Ipswich/Colchester/Leeds fans come on here with no real mean to chat or discuss, but instead to just make stupid constant digs, howcome they are not banned?  You''d think in this day and age socialising and getting along is something we''d all grasp.[/quote]

    is it just me, or is Calsworth really hot?!!

  25. I cant for the life of me get the 10 centre-mid. I was so stumped i even had a sneaky peek on Flown from the Nest and still no clue??