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  1. Yeah, 100% it's not disorganisation. It's US politics. Miami has a significant Cuban-American community. They have very polarised political views, lean very much to the right, and will do anything to undermine the current Cuban government. So clearly someone in power in Miami has had a word with someone in the State department to throw a spanner in the visa works. Some legitimate reason may have been found to delay or not issue the visas, such as the Cuban-made vaccine not being on the USA's approved list.
  2. Will Aarons will still be with us next season? If not, how would the same system work with Mumba or Byram on the right?
  3. This has probably been posted somewhere else in this monster thread, but here it is anyway: crazy story about Quagliarella and his insane stalker. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2740487-inside-the-stalker-hell-of-italian-footballer-fabio-quagliarella
  4. 1. Forums like this don't fit the definition of social media. They're oldskool web 2.0. So you can post on here as much as you like and it's not going to affect the boycott. 2. The issue is players getting abuse on their own channels. Not whether or not someone one the Pink'Un forum has some stale opinions. 3. The official accounts of clubs and players are going to be going silent on twitter, FB, insta, etc. I don't think they're expecting all the fans to be silent too. They just aren't giving the opportunity for trolls to be horrible directly at players, and quite right too.
  5. First attempt posting the sarcastic clapping GIF didn't work.
  6. Yeah, that's the only fun to be had from this particular game right now. Keeping the team with an extra man out of our penalty area. Nice to see we can do it, but I was hoping for some champagne football. Or at least prosecco football.
  7. Also, Swansea have a game in hand still. So if they got to 90pts, overcame our +20 goal difference, AND we failed to win another point this season then we're in trouble.
  8. Also, Pukki has scored with his left and his right, so the third goal needs to be with his head for a perfect hat trick.
  9. Never seen anything this assured from a Norwich team (well, maybe 1988 against non-league Sutton Utd.) Did anyone notice Todd's celebration was a gear change?
  10. OK, so some quick back of an envelope calculations. Assuming 90 points is the benchmark for promotion. Norwich can do about a third worse than they are doing currently and still get to 90 points. Brentford and Watford need to do about 18% better than they are currently doing to get to 90 points. If they keep doing as well as their average they'll get to 85/86 points each. Swansea need to only make a small improvement in order to be on track for 90 points. If they maintain their average they'll get to 89 points. This all depends on how well they manage to deal with a more congested fixture list. If we maintain our average points per game we'll end with 98 or 99 points. Obviously nothing's certain, but the door is open and we'd have to trip up pretty badly not to walk through it.
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