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  1. OK, so some quick back of an envelope calculations. Assuming 90 points is the benchmark for promotion. Norwich can do about a third worse than they are doing currently and still get to 90 points. Brentford and Watford need to do about 18% better than they are currently doing to get to 90 points. If they keep doing as well as their average they'll get to 85/86 points each. Swansea need to only make a small improvement in order to be on track for 90 points. If they maintain their average they'll get to 89 points. This all depends on how well they manage to deal with a more congested fixture list. If we maintain our average points per game we'll end with 98 or 99 points. Obviously nothing's certain, but the door is open and we'd have to trip up pretty badly not to walk through it.
  2. Look fella, I simply suggested you might want to think twice about using those images, in case you weren't aware. It's your choice how you present yourself publicly. I've said my piece, and I've no interest in taking this further.
  3. Buh, I hope you don't mind if I ask an awkward question. Are you aware that Pepe the Frog is a white supremacist symbol, and has been for at least the last three years? https://www.theverge.com/2017/5/8/15577340/pepe-the-frog-is-dead-matt-furie You've been posting Pepe images a lot the last few days, and it's a bit grim having his face interrupting discussions about the Canaries. I'm going to assume you aren't intentionally signalling that certain people aren't welcome on this message board, or expressing your solidarity with far-right groups, so please consider what kind of message you're sending when you post a Pepe. OTBC.
  4. I think we just got very lucky with injuries last year, and with players who could fill in so we didn't feel the loss of players quite so much. Once we got on our good run in the Championship, it felt like it didn't matter if someone like Leitner was injured, we'd get some kind of result, but now we look at the superstar players and think "well, I'd rather have Klose marking Salah" or "Onel would be a better option to get past Azpilicueta". It's mostly a matter of perception. I do hope we're back to full strength soon, though.
  5. He sounds like the same animal in his native tongue.
  6. Just so you all know, she’d probably kick all your arses if you crossed her. https://www.espn.co.uk/espn/otl/story/_/id/12976615/detailed-look-hope-solo-domestic-violence-case-includes-reports-being-belligerent-jail I'm not posting this to trash her, I just want to show she’s a way more complex person than this discussion of swimwear and sexualised bodies comes close to addressing. (And no matter what you think about the standard of play compared to professional men’s game, all the professional women players at the World Cup would leave every poster on these boards in the dust every single day of the week)
  7. Thanks, alex_ncfc, for the archive video. What you can hear of the crowd singing under Frank Bough's commentary sounds great. I wonder if there's a clean recording of the crowd singing somewhere? I think it would be good to have a version of Football's Oldest Song™ that pays respect to the past but isn't embarrassingly dated. Is anyone else interested in having an updated version recorded?
  8. We've all heard the complaint that OTBC is sung too quickly in the modern age. On top of that my wife says it's hard to tell what the tune is supposed to be, and she has a point. But how can we sing it better if we don't know what it's supposed to sound like? I've been searching online for any kind of recording (field recording of the terraces in the 1930s, proper studio performance) and the earliest I can find is a video of OTBC being sung in the 2007/08 home fixture against QPR. It's nowhere near old enough to be definitive. Does anyone have some archive material of the song? Or failing that, some sheet music with the lyrics? Anything that would let us work out how the song really ought to be performed? If so, let's be having it, please.
  9. Beautiful movement from Buendia to get on the end of that. He started a bending run as soon he saw the ball heading to McLean. Looked rehearsed.
  10. I''m not really one for slogan t-shirts, so I probably wouldn''t buy it. But if you''re up for notes: I''d just go with "Farke Knows" and set the top edge of the text an inch or two higher than the armpits.
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