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  1. Im studying at coventry uni....and all the cov boys i speak to say its a done deal!! Also have a friend who works at the Ricoh Arena (Catering side) and served Worthington and a few others lunch there yesterday!! Be interesting to see how Leon does with Worthy their!!
  2. For the past 10 years, i can think of a few: The foreingers that all came at once, Raymond De Waard, Fernando Derveld. not 100% sure if we paid for them or not! Giallanza was alright when fit-nice to see him at darlington after some hurrific injuries. Matthias Jonson was the biggest donkey ive ever seen! goes to show dont sign anyone on their international ability! Thomas Helveg? we pay for him? Martin Hunter........have we seen an improvement?  
  3. who are the left and right sided midfielders?? im stuck!!
  4. Souness and Robson were interviewed because didnt doncaster say that they interviewed as if it was just another job and didnt show the passion, like Grant did!
  5. will crook be grants assistant? if so, what happens 2 hunter??
  6. if he does go.......which other members of the staff will?? Hunter???
  7. i cant make the cov game.....but if leon has said he''ll be there-sing that song........please!! what did we do to him??? R.I.P Steve......the only true australian-LEGEND!!
  8. UEA Canary - Loan signings can only be in an emergency, although me n every other canary would say we need a striker its an emergency, i shouldnt think the FA would.....not with Earny, Jarvis, Thorne, McVeigh and Huckerby ''n'' Crofty on our books!! Did Sutton go 2 Birmingham??
  9. does anyone else think that that figure doesnt give justice for an England international?
  10.    as part of the green deal......they surely wont be able to keep carrol, green and walker!!!
  11. One player?? who??? surely its several players..................Halford, Commons, Cook, Shittu, Hulse, Danns, Clarke, Ward!!!
  12. [quote user="Paul Rankin"] As we seem to have very little cash:                    Gallacher MLJ         Doc         Shackell   Drury Halford    Etuhu    Safri       McVeigh                                  Huckerby                   Earnshaw Bench: Lewis Mckenzie Robinson Spillane Henderson/Jarvis [/quote] despite me getting increasingly angry about the lack of transfer activity............the above team is pretty good!!!! sort out the right wing (with halford) huckerby up front could be an unexpected effort by NW! o well.................were just going to have to wait!!!
  13. The quoted figure in the paper is £6 million. does anyone know if we have a sell on clause on him? we must have been pretty stupid if we didnt!!  
  14. managed to get all (without looking up) apart from the two centre midfielders...aarrgghh!!!! HELP!!
  15. my personal opinion is that they''ll get a coach who will have the credentials to eventually take over from Worthy! like Hamilton did, then Worthy did himself!! Any ideas?
  16. Gallagher - 7 - couldnt do much about the goals! Colin - 4 - didnt seem to know what position he was playing. bye Doherty - 7 -  Solid Performance Fleming - 6 - Average Drury - 7 - didnt do anything wrong lets just say that Hughes - 4 - didnt get involved Robinson - 7 - was actually really pleased with his performance......seemed to show that he cares a lot Etuhu - 7 - got better as the game went on Hucks - 6 - always seems to me, he gets the ball, runs past defenders then cuts back inside giving the defender a chance Earnshaw - 7 - not to good against such big centre half (Lescott) but never stopped trying  Mcveigh - 6 - Quiet, but always wanted the ball. not to sure on his partnership with Earny Subs Mckenzie - 5 - didnt have enough time to get involved   Hendo - 6 - quick and threatening.......definate threat next year. work on crossing though
  17. i live near Oxford and just bought one of them ''dab digital radio''s''..........is there any way of listening to the game today off that?
  18. im watching ''Gillette Soccer Saturday'' and the reporter at the game, rob palmer, just said that "Robert Green just made a terrific save" !!!! very confusing!! oh, crap, they''ve just scored!! once again another quote, "slotted it past rob green" CONFUSED!!!
  19. it doesnt say he''s injured.........where is he?
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