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  1. Fozzy reminds me a little of Mulryne. Wants to get the ball down, and pick his pass. Something we havent had for a while. While he isnt Premiership class, as one poster just mentioned, he is a huge improvement on Hughes, Ethuhu and Robinson.
  2. Awful performance from everyone, so hence the low ratings. Marshall - 5.5 - made one top save in the first half, but otherwise their only shots on goal seemed to go in. Semmy 5 - caught out of position time and again. Had good first half, linked up with Crofty a couple of times, but final ball was a big let down. Shackell - 6 made 2 outstanding goal saving tackles second half, but was at fault for one of their goals. Doc - 5 Didnt play as well as Tues night Henry 2 Useless. Didnt want the ball, didnt run, didnt show for it, and the few times he got the ball, he lost it. Fozzy 5 Ran a lot, wanted the ball, but got a stupid booking, and tried to play offside for the Campbell goal which didnt work. Rusty 4 Ran a lot, then got sent off. Didnt see it at first, but just seen it on TV. Horrendous challenge. Croft 6.5 Only person to come away with credit. Did well in 1st half, but then switched wings to accommodate Henry, which was strange as Henry was gash. Second half he was lost. Evans -5 Couple of good moments with the ball close to him, but was kept quiet all day. Dion 5 Competed well, but effort only goes so far. Hopefully this is a one off, but coming on the back of the Hull game, I am a little concerned that the wheels of our recent good performances are wobbling!
  3. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] I don''t think it matters how many goals Earnshaw scores. Look how many goals we conceded last season. Neither he nor Hucks does defence. Big problem. Hucks is undroppable. Bigger problem. They cannot co-exist in a promotion winning side in this day and age. Sad maybe, but true. [/quote] Eh??? You what?? The strikers/forwards are there to create and score the goals, the defenders are there to stop them.... you dont have a go at Shacks or Drury for not getting 20 goals as season do you??
  4. (The REAL Billy jones) Someone we should have signed. This kid is going to be a star. I know we are getting Otsemobor, but Jones would have been ggod competition for the midfield.
  5. Anything less than £6m in todays market would be a bit of a letdown. We should be doubling our money. Last season only proved that he scores goals wherever, despite spending half the season injured.
  6. I think he would have been great on a free, but having to pay cash for him for a 31 yr old ... mmmm. Had a great season last time round, but was it a one off?? As much as I would love to see the green hair again, I dont think its in the best interests of the club long term.  
  7. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Laughable - Gallacher or Carroll?    Carroll every time,  how can anyone turn their nose up at him?  He is good enough for any promotion chasing side in the champs;    Name me a prem keeper who has not made several high profile blunders. Talk about wet sham fans being arrogant! He may not be the best fit for us but he is a viable alternative. [/quote] If you are happy with mediocrity and liability as your last line of defence, then great. But Masrhall, Warner, Lewis, CAmp, are more than viable alternatives. Every keeper hasd made bluinders - who hasnt. But it gets to the stage when you are looking at signing a keeper who can have a whole video dedicated to them, then its time to stop and think. I dont think this is arrogant. I only want the highest calibre of players at my club........
  8. I would rather have Lewis Carroll. This keeper is useless. More mistakes than a dyslexic''s spelling test.
  9. It was ill advised, but honest, and you have to respect him for that. Lets face it, we arent the biggest club out there, and he is ambitious. Lets hope he makes it come true with Billy Sharp alongside him and we are challenging next year.
  10. I think some of Dions''s most positive contribution will be off the pitch. His influence, dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism rubs off on the younger players. Nothing but great news, and Shacks will continue to improve next to him, which will be brilliant news for the long term
  11. [quote user="mystic megson"] You can add Dean Windass to the list.  Nearly 40 I believe but still knows where the net is. Steve Howard is the new Dean Windass imo, except that O''Neill walked and Worthy didn''t.   [/quote] Dont you have to have played for Norwich to be considered an old boy?
  12. Selling a guaranteed 20 goal a season striker (and one that missed 3 months of the season at that) is football suicide. When we have sold people in the past, Bellars, Sutton, Robins, Ashton - they are bloody hard to replace. If we are serious about moving the club forward, then selling our best asset is not the right way about it. I can see people''s reasoning behind it - get some money to strengthen other areas of the team, but I dont think we would be able to get the personnel we need in to not only replace Earnie, but with the left over money. It would be like having a Ferrari engine in an Escort Cosworth, but then selling the engine so we can get nice windscreen wipers and hub caps. In regards to him not scoring with headers - its stating the obvious. I reckon we should be looking at other target men / strikers who can hold the ball up. Izzy McLeod from MK Dons would be good. Someone like Billy Sharp, but he is destined for the Prem. Maybe Luke Varney, Nicky Maynard?
  13. Whatever..... see careers of Mulryne P., Nielson D., Libbra M., Crowe D., Hayes P., etc etc etc... Dont think we will be kicking ourselves over this, but on a personal note I wish him best of luck at Burnely.
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