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  1. Simon Tracey worst. Keelan best - Nethercott and Kennon weren''t bad either.
  2. Interesting - I got the first page of this thread O.K but when I tried to get te second page up I got Error 503 etc.
  3. Looked on their offy board. Ref inspected together with officials of BOTH sides at 9.30. and will make a further inspection at 1200.
  4. Maybe their chairman will claim compensation from the brewery.
  5. This joke thread is, for me, the best thing of the week. With the greatest respect Moustache Thingummy can take a hike.
  6. He aint doing to well - still happening
  7. If as you say South and North were equal then my view is correct. You unfortunately only accept your opinions - as you did with Cullumgate. For your info I know how the 4th was created.
  8. Purple Canary - Don''t think your assumption that we were joint 91st of 92 is any more correct than mine. There were 22 teams in DIVs 1&2 and 24 in Div 3 S& N. Therefore top teams in Div 3& 4 were joint 45th 2nd joint 46th down to us at joint 67 of 68. Nice try but no cigar.
  9. Purple Canary is not correct. There ws a 3rd South but also a 3rd North. We were not 91st out of 92 more like 65th out of 66. The 3rd North became the 4th Div when the change was made - thus the OP is more right than Purple Canary is.
  10. He hasn''t played much on the Asian Tour yet. He''s played the last 4 or 5 Challenge Tournaments - made the Cut but finished low down so not much money.
  11. Yes up and down Mousehold until they were sick and then do it again. My guess is thaat Gunn will give this lot a day off and then get them counselling
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