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  1. Marshall would be a quality signing,and a step in the right direction,i think another £250,000 would secure the deal come on board dig deep!!
  2. WOW!! we won, all is forgiven Worthy, please, give me a break!... 3 points against a very poor crewe side and everyone thinks we''ve turned the season round but that was what we all thought after the Ipsh*!e game ..and the Cardiff game..oh and the Luton game, consistency is the name of the game and we need to go on a win the next three or four or at least not lose any of the next few games before we can say its been turned round. Lets just give it seven days and see what the team can do against Southampton, i would just like to say i,m glad we picked up three points today and a big up to all the travelling fans, you deserve medals for putting up with the crap you''ve had to sit through this season but one away result a season does not make, keep your bags packed Nigel ya not safe yet!!
  3. If worthy was to be sent packing then why would we want to give the job of saving the sinking Canary ship to two coaches who have no experience of managing in this division, and yes i know Crook has done well in Australia but you can''t compare the two leagues at all, and Bowen is well respected by some top Premiership managers but only as an assistant, i think it would be way to risky, just because they were formally  two of our best  players doesn''t make them good managers.Someone with top flight management behind them is the way to go but who and when? your guess is as good as mine, if only Martin O''Neil was available. 
  4. City should put in a bid for Lee Trundle (17 goals in league 1) a few clubs have had a look but no firm bids have been made, i think him and Ashton upfront would be tops, but if Ashton does go Trundle could still make a difference, he''s very good on the ball and he knows were the goal is, just the sort of player we need.
  5. ok then sports fans, what do we think is a good price for Ashton and Green, it looks like both are on their way out in January, £7 million for Ashton and £3 million for green? oh, and £2.50 and a bag of balls for Fleming!
  6. Yep! and he''s gonna sell him as well...
  7. No matter how much i want a change of manager, cheering for the opposition is just taking the P...! No true fan would ever do that.
  8. Stuart Pearce has just come out with the usual politically correct answer to the question of  will Man City be trying to sign Ashton come January, "Cant talk about players contracted to other clubs" Blah blah! "we will see what happens come January" Blah blah blah! and after Worthys comments "only at the right price" this morning, i think it''s safe to say Ashton will be gone as Soon as the sales start! The last few weeks has been tough for all City fans but what is happening to this club we all love so much no guts, no leadership, no players come January.
  9. A lot of City fans seem to think that selling Ashton is the Way forward, i just don''t understand that at all, i''ve been to all the home games and yes he has missed a few chances and he hasn''t looked fully fit on occasions but in general he has been one of a handfull of players who have shown some grit and a determination and with a  new manager that can motivate him and the team he will soon start climbing the goalscorers chart .Who do you Ashton must go! supporters think we should replace him with?
  10. Delia should stay, no question about that! She has done so much  for this club, most clubs would love to have someone like her on the board, she just needs to learn there is no room for sentiment in football, we all know how she feels about Worthy but enough is enough! You imagine trying to sack one of your close friends, bless her!
  11. Totally agree! Trouble is i think the selling will start in January.
  12. No!With a new manager anything is possible, we need new ideas and a return to playing good football. If stale old worthy stays then we are up s!*t creek without a paddle!
  13. 1 win in 4 is hopefull! the way things are going we will be rubbing shoulders with millwall this festive season!
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