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  1. 3rd rated of all Teams LOL, pity same could not be said of the Football. What have we become, mushy peas an mince pies used to go to Regies!!!!! Sack em ALL!!!!!
  2. Cracking result for us today, and the bonus of the team playing, what I consider well. Definately signs of light at the end of the tunnel, lets hope its January!! ''''Ah'''', I hear you say, they hit the woodwork 6 times!! So!!  If any, bar (excuse the pun) 1 of those attempts had gone in it would have been  lucky on the Baggies!!!! I thought we got what we deserved, we even had chants as we kept possesion for long periods in the 2nd half. OTBC  
  3. Cautious YES!!!!! So many false dawns over the last couple of seasons have taught me this......Chopra is out for Saturdays game, however he is not the only cardiff player scoring Thompson will be a big threat as will a couple of other class players they have.....................Question............. how did Cardiff ,who are skint manage to get them, and we end up with Thorney???????????????? I preeedict 1-0 canaries..................but on the side of caution do not be suprised 4-1 Cardiff
  4. See Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwich_City    
  5. I was there, and I agree with your second summary of what you assume. I just wish we had performed as we did at Cardiff on other away days this season!! Rather than being out of it in the first 20 minutes!!! And Yes a mass of what if''s OK, it was not exactly cut and thrust, but I would say it was a thoroughly profesional performance, just what we need in this league on a more regular basis next season. The Future is Bright , the future is Yellow!!!! OTBC  As for Koumas, I do not doubt him to be a very good player, having said that I could have looked good given the time and possesion he had,I will say that when he needed to give the telling ball , we closed him down or he made a hash. Well done Boys!!  
  6. [quote user="Yellow Rages"][quote user="Cymru Canary"] Just thought it encouraging that at least one of our players has ambition at Norwich City FC !!!!   [/quote] Well thank you ever so much for copy and pasting that. I don''t have the internet,  just like everyone else who posts on this board so we couldn''t have possibly seen that unless you had done what you did. This is a message board is for you to voice your opinions on. Until now I don''t know what your point was other than you attaching someone elses work. Yes I read it. Yes I saw what someone else has said. Yes I saw the responses on how I should be respectful because you had performed this magical feat. I''m sure you are a lovely person but please don''t copy information we can all read for ourselves whenever we like. This board is full of enough rubbish at the moment without it being filled with duplications of what we can see elsewhere. Like I say, no disrespect intended, it just isn''t required thats all. [/quote] I have not asked for respect, and none, especially from you!  I think you will find that I can post more or less what I like, and do not need your approval. If this article was of no interest to you why did you feel it neccesary to post back with your much valued opinion?  Think you are one of them............you know what I mean!!!!  
  7. Just thought it encouraging that at least one of our players has ambition at Norwich City FC !!!!  
  8. See Link for Earnies .Wales press   http://icwales.icnetwork.co.uk/0600soccer/0200news/tm_objectid=16968139%26method=full%26siteid=50082%26headline=earnie%2dlooking%2dforward%2dto%2dhis%2dninian%2dreturn-name_page.html
  9. Could not agree more- its not over till the fat lady sings!!! Well even if she bursts into song and we get a draw !!! IT AINT GOOD ENUF!!!!! LONE STRIKER, AGAINST STRUGLING BURNLEY,WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT ALL ABOUT??  Before any pro worthy supporter says where were you, luckily my car packed in and could not make the trip & by god I am glad I did not, even though it cost me £18!!  Still, paid £30 for Palace to see us humiliated,not to mention Millwall, Watford,Stoke, QPR the list is endless. For us to be where we are just shows how S*** the division is!   So often I have travelled from Wales this year to watch lacklustre performances from a side which should be at least in the play off positions.  Will not do it next year unless Worthless is GONE!!!!!!! Setting low standards and failing to maintain!!! WORTHY OUT
  10. I remember taking my lad to see us play Chelasea at the bridge the season we were relegated from the old Div 1 (Ah the good ol days) We had no tickets and it was sold out !! Pete Osgood was coming out of the players lounge and in a desperate attempt I asked him did he have a spare, fair play to the guy he had got rid of his but took the time to go back in and ask around for us, alas he could not provide, but what a genuine guy. In the end Pete Mendham had one spare which he gave us and my son sat on my lap...Not all bad a Chelsea.
  11. [quote user="essexcanary"] theres always been rumours bout us goin for koumas, and i have never known why we havent made a move for him. i reckon it must be down to the fact worthy either doesnt rate him or doesnt want a ''bad boy'' at the club. i''m not blaming worthy or sayin i want hi out, but the club needs to swallow their pride and make a risky move for him because he could be the missing piece in the jigsaw.  just image him and safri in the middle, that would be amazing, with hucks and mveigh on the wings. [/quote] Lets not flatter ourselves HE would not want to come!!! We aint good enough
  12. Thats what they were saying at Newcastle regarding Souness!! Some have it some don''t. Time to GO, everyone has a shelf life Worthy''s is up, he is on borrowed time, must be gone by the start of next season, hopefully before so at least our new manager hits the ground running for the next campaign!!! I watched the shambles at Palace yesterday CLUELESS sums it up for me. £30 to watch that!!
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