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  1. "Far-flung" Devon is right, I''d make them play in the French League!! As a day out it was enjoyable, got there good and early, had a look around Plymouth, got a couple of beers, then the game started!! Top ten of away matches? Not even close, we should surely be beating the likes of Plymouth if we''re serious about the play-offs. One positive was the performance of Jarrett, his best game for City by far until he limped off. However, the day as a whole made it worth the journey. 
  2. Was dicussing this thread with Mrs Sid and friends on the way to Plymouth this weekend, and one we came up with no-one has mentioned. It was Sept 93, and a trip to Goodison Park ended with us beating Everton 5-1 with Efan Ekoku getting 4 (think Sutton got the other). Great Days!!
  3. So many memories thinking about this. The Sheff U game in 86 (5-2) en route to the 2nd division title, Liverpool in December 88 (1-0 Townsend) that kept us top of the old 1st Division singing "Hand it over Liverpool" to a disbelieving kop. Two wins at Old Trafford in 88 ansd 89 (2-1 & 2-0 I think). The Leeds 4-0 romp in 93 starring Jerry Goss, Arnheim, Munich & Milan for obvious reasons. Tranmere in 2001, Brian McGovern keeps us up. Wolves in the play off semi, and the day out in Cardiff. Watford in the promotion season. Pride of place must go to Ip***ch in Dec 2003, Top of the league at Portaloo Road, Leon scores twice on his debut and it was my birthday!!
  4. Oops. Best ignore that post about Shacks. Was under the impression he was playing for the ressies last night, just found out he did''nt  Doh!!
  5. Agreed, he did the business on Saturday. So what happens on Boxing Day, does he play in the centre with the Doc, or at right back instead of Colin with Shacks coming into the centre?
  6. My thoughts exactly. Lets have none of this We Want Worthy Out during the game, it hardly lifts the lads does it. Save it for the end if you must (or even 1/2 time if the 1st 45 is really bad). Most of us believe that change is needed, but from 3.00 til 4.50 tomorrow a lusty chorus of OTBC will be more beneficial than the Worthy out stuff.
  7. Yep, myself and Mrs Sid have done all of them. Best has to be Ip***ch, if only because we won at Portaloo Road again. For the worst, pick one from QPR, Wolves or Derby today.
  8. Nothing to do with keeping the faith Wiz, more about supporting my team when times are tough.
  9. Fleming, Malky, McVeigh (I think) & McKenzie pen. Optimism? Play as we did last week (apart from the first 15 mins) and we''ll be okay.
  10. Calling those who went to Coventry "mugs" is friendly and humourous is it?
  11. I have often read messages posted on this board with great interest, although I’ve never felt the need to reply to any of them. However, I now feel I have to join in. I was one of the 3000 at Coventry last week. 1st Wizard, exactly where do you get off calling me a mug for going there? I, and many like me, travel to these games week in week out to support our team, not to cement the position of NW and the board. Its very easy to support the team when things are going well as was the case 2 years ago. However, there are those of us who feel its more important to get out there and get behind them when things are tough no matter what we feel about management etc. You have your opinions and you are fully entitled to them, but to slate people who don’t agree with you or who choose to support their team at the game is, in my view, petty.
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