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  1. [quote user="ray ducker"][quote user="I OWN THIS CLUB"] I can understand why anyone would want to slate this player. He gives it his all every game and wins most against the opposing wingers. Can someone explain why, and have i not seen something that you have? He has always been Mr Consistent in my opinion. [/quote] I own club , when you say he wins against most wingers , the most i have ever seen him do is the last ditch tackle the toe poke for a corner which to me is a defeat , o k Barry Fry said the best outside the prem , but he was the worst one in it , remember Barry Fry wanted to sell him , (own the club) when are we going to see him win a tackle on the half way line ? when he is forward he balloons the the ball which makes it easy for the defenders and  goalkeeper.and i am a bit concerned about the number of good players who have disappeared in front of him , that backing off and more backing off makes him one of the worst left backs ever to play for the city .    [/quote] Two words - Fernando Derveld!!
  2. Maybe he''ll perform more than one game in every five now!!!!!
  3. I''ve been looking at this board for some time without posting, but today was the final straw. Says it all for me that Dion was man of the match again, a striker filling in at centre half. There are too many players out there who are just going through the motions and picking up a tasty pay cheque at the end of the week. It all boils down to attitude, there are too many of them who couldn''t give a toss. To see City lose is one thing, to see them go down without a fight is something else entirely. Personally I think its time to drop as many of them as possible. Get Spillane, Rossi Jarvis, Eagle, Henderson in the side from the start next week. They might get a beating but they would show more heart, desire and fight than we''ve seen from the senior pro''s for the majority of the season. Harsh? Maybe, but I''ve been at every game bar Port Vale this season and its starting to do my head in!!!
  4. [quote user="koimatsuba"] Sorry. Eagle is just not up to the mark at all.   Apart from one cross tonight again he looked like a headless chicken!!! Too Small, Too Slow, Not skilled enough, Not good enough. Ship him out to Kings Lynn! Sorry but its true, and I''m not the only fan in the stand saying it. Cheers [/quote] Are we trying to destroy another youngster with potential? "Apart from one cross tonight again he looked like a headless chicken" - How long was he out there, 10 mins tops.  
  5. 1)   Ip***ch 0 City 2 2)   21-30 mins 3)   6 (3 each) 4)   None 5)   31-40 mins 6)   Huckerby 7)   No-one 8)   54% 9)   28,800 10)   5 (3 for them, 2 for us) 11)   5 12)   3 13)   6 14)   Dion 15)   Clearly we will be the happier, returning over the border with 3 pts and moving into range of the top 6, while the boys in blue will be looking over their shoulders at the wrong end of the table. See y''all at the station for the 0952 football special, I''ll be the one in Yellow!!!
  6. Best memories are the obvious ones, such as Leons double sending us top (on my birthday as well!!!), and the Milk Cup Semi 2nd leg. However one that does stand out for me was actually a defeat. It was the Milk Cup Semi 1st Leg, the biggest derby in years, maybe ever. We were a goal down in about 10 minutes, and playing terrible. (Think Stoke away!!) As the game went on Ip***ch missed chance after chance after chance and come full time and only a 1-0 defeat we all knew we were going to Wembley. I remember the look on some of the binners faces in the north stand at full time, and they knew as well. The rest as they say is history: Steve Bruce scored an 86th min winner, Terry Butcher had a cry and put his foot through a door, and we went off to Wembley.
  7. Please, NO NO NO. Traffic controls should be set up right away to keep him away from the City. (This goes for O''Leary, Keegan and Reid as well)!!!
  8. "I can''t do anything about protests. I''ll deal with it and I''ll protect the players as much as I can. “All I''ll be saying to the players is go and play for themselves, go out and perform and enjoy the game. The result will take care of itself. “I will be fine and I will deal with it because it''s part and parcel of football. I''ll be at the front and I won''t be deflecting any of the situation onto anybody else.” Nothing in there about not caring what the fans think. The time has come, but lets try and be fair to teh guy.
  9. I share your concerns BH. My hope is that Worthy realises that his position has become completely untenable, does the decent thing and walks before the end of the week. Not holding my breath though! 
  10. Out. Should have happened at the end of last season, but given yesterdays events, even he must realise that his position is completely untenable.
  11. [quote user="NotWorthy"]The Worthy out and sack the Board chants will be very loud at the Burnley game , every TRUE Norwich supporter should be truly disgusted by this signing .[/quote] Surprised, yes. Bemused, slightly. Disgusted, no. This, I guess, means I''m not a true supporter NotWorthy. See you at Home Park on Saturday?
  12. [quote user="cityangel"][quote user="Hissing Sid"] [quote user="NotWorthy"]Anybody with an ounce of sense wants him out around 85% of City fans .If the majority of you back him why is name never sung , answers please Fence ? or is it all you Worthless supporters (all 150) lose your voices on matchdays ????[/quote] His name was sung on a number of occasions on Tues evening, the longer it went on, the more people joined in. [/quote]   Was it, we were fairly central and didn''t hear it once. Where where you standing Sid?? [/quote] Right behind the goal, about halfway back.
  13. [quote user="NotWorthy"]Anybody with an ounce of sense wants him out around 85% of City fans .If the majority of you back him why is name never sung , answers please Fence ? or is it all you Worthless supporters (all 150) lose your voices on matchdays ????[/quote] His name was sung on a number of occasions on Tues evening, the longer it went on, the more people joined in.
  14. So the calls for the managers head start up again (predictably). So, a question: if the fact we threw away a 3-1 lead is down to the manager, who takes the credit for the way we played for 65 minutes. Up until that time Southend couldn''t live with us when we played it on the floor. NW is absolutely right to slate the players, they thought the job was done and stopped playing. How exactly is that the managers fault?
  15. City to edge a close game 2-1. (BTW Peter Grants Auld Man, the last line is "Moroccan all over the world")
  16. [quote user="Herbert"] 2 wins and a couple of ''good'' performances - great!! - you sure they are that good, or is it just in comparison to the rubbish last year? there are some very fickle people on here.. out with the fool [/quote] Last year we were told that NW''s record during the play-off and promotion campaigns were history and therefore irrelevant. Surely the same must now apply to last season? However, you are right in one thing; there ARE some very fickle people on here!! 
  17. [quote user="USAcanary"] [quote user="UEA Canary"]Just watched the replay, definate penalty and croft did fluff it, dived in stupidly without thinking and scythed the player down, idiot! hardly any danger as well [/quote] This is Worthys idea of debateable penalty of course. (if we lose we are either unlucky or we worked hard) His post match stuff is really what fairy tales are made of. Who can remember last year when even Neil Adams was scrating his head at the previous post match comments.[/quote] This happened right in front of us in the away end, and to be fair to Worthy it looked very debateable. Only on seeing the TV pictures did it look like the most nailed on pen you''re likely to see all season. You also say if we lose we are unlucky or worked hard, well on Saturday it was both!! Played well, created good chances, Earnie missed them, how is that NW''s fault?
  18. Liverpool at home in Feb 1981. Lost 1-0, although I couldn''t tell you the team. Come the end of the season we had been relegated and I was completely and utterly hooked! (By the game, not the relegation obviously!!)
  19. Well WNAM thats the way to show encouragement to your team!!! I don''t consider myself WO or KTF, I seem to be stuck somewhere in the middle seeing points on both sides of the argument. I do believe the manager should have left at the end of last season, however he didn''t and its clear he ain''t going anywhere for the foreseeable future. People need to face up to this fact, its now time for support and encouragement starting on August 5th at Leeds. I don''t believe the slate should be wiped clean, but there needs to be a short amnesty on the anti-club chants and celebrations of opposition goals.
  20. Hear hear! Is it really too much to ask that all of us (WO, KTF and undecided) can unite, at least at the start of the season? Lets travel to Leeds in large numbers and get right behind the team. City fans were once lauded as some of the best around. Time to get that opinion back? 
  21. [quote user="silver fox"]  Worthy is unlikey to bring off any major signing coup because firstly he has hardly any money and secondly most decent players will have seen his style of play and won''t want to come to Norwich. [/quote] And thirdly, how many players will want to come to a club where the "supporters" celebrate opposition goals!!!
  22. Wow. At last a really well balanced and sensible thread. The Huckerby problem makes for interesting reading, I agree he would be more of an asset up front, but has he not said himself he prefers to be in a wider position? (I may be mistaken here, but I''m sure I heard this somewhere during the Championship year)
  23. So, we''ve sold out the away end at Elland Road tomorrow. Can I just ask that tomorrow we all come together and get behind our team for 90 minutes. Lets leave our divisions outside and make some noise. Any chance of this happening?
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