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  1. i support norwich city because i was born and bred in norwich, and my mum and dad first took me to watch them in the early 1970,s i fell in love with the club from my first visit, and have seen the club go from strength to strength over the years and i am proud to be a norwich city fan, and i will always support them come what may, i don,t get to see as many games as i would like, as i now reside in south wales, but i should be able to get to at least a dozen games this season with my  hat trick games and a few selected games when i shall queue up for a buy back ticket, ot.b.c.
  2. if we get webb as first team coach then god help us, how that man has kept his job after all these years is beyond me, he is out of his depth at reserve level, i agree he must be a yes man , but having him as first team coach, well league 1 here we come. o.t,b.c.       
  3. i live in barry south wales, and went to the game, i thought etuhu, had a solid game, along with the rest of the side. In my view it was a good hard working away win, something we have lacked all season , and is the main reason we missed out on the playoffs, just think if we beat wolves next week, we finish 7th, not that bad for a distinctly poor season by our expectations.Dont get me wrong , i am as angry, and disapointed as every one else, but if we can take that type of hard working, and battling performance into our away games next season, and make our carrow road a fortress again, we wont be too far off promotion. o.t.b.c.
  4. i,m going , got my ticket 4 the norwich pen, along with my mate, so that makes six of us, my father in law  should be able to make me out, cos hes a cardiff fan, and he,ll be in the bob bank stand to our right, hope we piss em, so i can  heckle him after.
  5. i would genuinly expect us to be at least in the playoffs, we do need to buy a quality midfielder in the koumas mould, unfortunatly he is on his way to everton next season according to the local rag in cardiff, we also need a decent right back, what happened to wright , he cant get in wigans team , so get him here, also we need to have a season without the horrendous injury count of this season, and we need to pick up points on the road, home form should be ok, and we need a good start, and get early points on the board,/ most of all we need to be united behind the club, i know its been a dreadful season just gone , but we know what we are capable of  if we do stick together. o.t.b.c.
  6. well done first wizzard, at last a post where you are talking sense, i watched earnie playing for the blue birds of cardiff,many times and was so impressed at his lethal finishing, and blistering pace , i at the time thought he would be well at home in our side, this was the season we went up, but as you know we got a certain mr ashton, who to be fair is a class act and a proven goal scorer, but i, like you, prefer earnie because of his pace, and natural ability to score shed  loads of goals at every level ,including international level, given the right service. let me tell you the locals here in cardiff are so pi***d off he is with us, he imo will go on to be a canary legend. the king is dead, long live the king. o.t.b.c.  
  7. i agree ,let them see what its like, to show them that we aren,t bothered, its what they,ve bee doing most of the season, in their apathetic performances, its a sure fire way to let them know how we feel, along with the board, and the manager.
  8. i read these boards on a daily basis and all i seem to find is bickering and back stabbing, we all know the team has massively under acheived this season, but foot ball is that type of game, one season does not make us a bad side, we have just been too inconsistant, and have not been able to get a settled side which is an important factor, as reading, and sheffield utd, etc know all too well. look at us when we won promotion we had the same side out almost every game, and we strolled the league. put things into perspective, look at say cardiff who think they,ve had an out standing season, and we are only 5 points off them, and look at southampton ,then i agree you would have cause to worry if we were in their position, lets all get behind the team and the manager, and kick on for next season and hope we can all learn from this seasons harsh lessons. o.t.b,c.
  9. having lived in south  wales for almost 3 years, im well aware of earnies quality having seen him on many occasions scoring goals for fun for cardiff, the boy is a natural goal scorer, and has pace to burn. i cant wait to see his celebratory summersault over and over again. i hope he gets to team up with thorney because they were a potent force when they were at cardiff together, and they know each others games so well, roll on sunday and we muller the scum. o.t.b.c. EARNIES GONNA GETCHA .lets all chant this to the scum fans.
  10. jason koumas, the boy is pure class, runs the show in midfield, he is creative, is deadly from freekicks around the box, and he can work for the team, acomplete snip at 2 million
  11. if as reported we have accepted 8 million for deano, this is an excellent bit of business by norwich city , for a player who has been at the club for only 12 months and to almost triple his value, is by any standards shrewd business. Sad as i am to see deano go, i think he has gone to a decent premiership side who play good attractive football, with wingers who will supply him with the ammunition to score plenty of goals, something we sadly lack. Now the burning question, who do we bring in, with the money we have, i would make a double swoop for cardiff  pair  cameron jerome, and jason koumas,{who is only on loan from the baggies}and is available for2 million, pure quality, jerome @3.5 million david wright  from wigan, and another quality right winger in the mattew etherington mould , then maybe its still possible to make the last play off place.
  12. living in south wales, i have just read the local rag, the south wales echo, and they claim we are closing in on signing cameron jerome, for 3.5 million, 2 million down payment, followed by add ons for appearances, and if we get promoted etc. This is to be funded by the cash we receive from the sale of deano apparently, although he has scored a few goals this term he is far from the finished article, and not as accomplished, or established as deano was when we bought him. If we did take a risk and buy him ,if the rumours are true, what are your thoughts on the issue, im not sure if he suits our style of play as he does chase the long ball over the top of defences, with his blistering pace, but his hold up play, and link up play  leave a lot to be desired at the moment and would need working on. Also to add fuel to the rumour, cardiff have signed two more strikers on, and if they were keeping jerome im sure they would not need to do that, also they sold alan lee to the scum. Still it would be great for me to take the pee out of the blue bird tw*ts at work who always make it clear that they are above us in the league, but we.ll see come may , and i for one beleive we will make the play offs. O>T>B>C>
  13. born in naarwich, lived there for 40 years, firstly in bowthorpe road, then in sprowston, then ended up in old catton.Now living in Barry South Wales, not a patch on Norfolk but its ok, married a Welsh girl and she wanted to move to Wales, bl**dy women. Still get to watch about 10 games so not too bad, hope to return to my beloved norfolk one day. O.T.B.C.
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