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  1. No doubt Scooby wil reply that the same would have happened if it was Chelsea/Man U/Norwich (not very likely on the last one i must admitt!), in the final. Come on Scooby, lets have a reasoned reply from you, please?
  2. are you disputing the fact that there were also ticketless fans at hillsbotrough as widely reported then and now? Have you not heard and read and indeed witnessed the endless diatribes of scousers gaining admission without paying/having a ticket. Get real mate, their reputation for this is, unfortunately, world wide and they seem proud of it.. of course Hillsborough means a lot to real fans, remember we were at Villa park that day and it hit home very hard when the full enormity of what happened was known to us. I have been to Anfield (once and will never go again) and fully appreciate what the horrendous event that day means to the true and genuine fan. Was also at Hillsborough for our semi final and in the leppings lane end where norwich fans laid a wreath. What i said was that the scum that gained admission into an already packed stadium (or it would have been had the greek police allowed everyone in) should be ashamed of what could have happened in any section of the ground which would have become overcrowded. They are not all loveable rouges you know, your friends from Merseyside.Have a read of a few books written by Cass Pennant, Dougie Brimson etc to see what they think and know about your friends from Merseyside. apologies for missing the p in sport, must concentrate harder when trying to get over an emotional point, but are you saying that the scousers are more knowledgible and passionate that all other fans?
  3. Listen to the radio, watch the TV Scooby. They had a "loveable scouser" on talk sort this morning bragging about how easy it was to get through 6 checkpoints with a forged ticket. They and their like are complete scum with no conscience whatsoever. Clearly Hillsborough means sod all to them if they are still hell bent on getting into a stadium that was sold out, yet again. without a proper ticket. Fair play to the Greek police for averting what could have been another disaster. Perhaps the b*stards who got in by foul means should pay a visit to the families of those poor people who died at Hillsborough through to many people getting into the ground without tickets, and explain to them "what jolly and loveable people they are". Scum, Scum Scum.
  4. Just out of interest, are there any players at NCFC that you do like?
  5. Good to see that the police have arrested some of the scum who jumped the train from Colchester on 31 March. Speaking as one of the unfortunates who got lamped, i trust that a proper sentence will be given, although i doubt it. I must say that the bravery of the neanderthol that hit me will never cease to amaze me. It must take a very special person to throw one punch (admittedley a good one), at am unsuspecting person and then run off the train....what a brave little binner you were that day, i do hope that you are one of those awaiting sentence. If you are not, i wonder if you will be quite so brave if you are coming to Carrow Road on Sunday?
  6. hhhhmmm, hughes did play well, but, he still left their left winger with to much space to work with the ball, time and time again, but there again drury gave the right winger the same as well. All in all, a shocking display, sorry, but it is true.
  7. nothing to do with the ref. We were second best all afternoon and could and should have been beaten by 4 or 5 clear goals. The midfield and back 4 are far to lightweight and Hughes will never ever make a right full back. I take it that Grant was not watching the same game as me, to bring Eagle on was a joke, he is not strong or clever enough to play against a physical side (or come to that any side). Please, please do not play in such a negative way against Ipsh*t, we need and deserve a positive display..................i fear that with this squad we are going to struggle even more next season.      
  8. if i remember correctly, he had ranted on local radio bumpkin about caravans and or tractor drivers slowing traffic on the A47/A17. (Quite right to, they are a bloody nuisance), and the said caravan pullers/plough jockeys took offence and sent him for a gunging.  
  9. i am sure that you will be happy......whatever division we find ourselves in.
  10. the following should be banned from all football grounds: Drums bells (together with that portsmouth tw*t ringing it) Trumpets (toether with that porstsmouth tw*t blowing it ) big hats, unles your head actually does go all the way to the end of it Coloured wigs on adults or children over 5 (what on earth makes people think that these are funny/clever/original, remember they are worn by clowns, nuff said). And you just know that the match of the day cameras will pick out the most "quaint" group of NCFC fans wearing the awful coloured green/yellow ones...........for all the nation to "enjoy/take the p*ss out of (delete as appropriate) the horns you blow into (especially if you are sitting in my proximity as they are a tuneless banal waste of time) and above all pointless bl**dy half team scarfes although no doubt there will be many ncfc/chelsea ones bought on saturday (in gods name, why?) give me good old fashioned singing and banter any day, at least D & E block still make the effort (occassionly)  
  11. i suggest that you have a lay down in a darkened room, yankee me old son!
  12. age 51 going on 18 Accountant! norwich season ticket holder since 1978 errm, i am norfolk born and bred and grew out of "supporting " Man Utd  in 1971. Nissi Beach/ Ayai Nappa = the best place in the world........roll on my August holiday at Nissi Park.      
  13. I live within a 20 minute walk (well, to be honest a three hour walk when you take into account a pub stop), from the ground,  but i can assure you that if it was any great effort  or expense to get to Carrow Road, there is no way i would waste good money to watch the pile of poo we are seeing at the moment. So Daisy, no berating from me sunshine. look on the bright side, we have lovely kitchens and a stone clad hotel, we are deiniteley on the way up.
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