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  1. Seems ironic we have West Ham again! Oh well, atleast we are at home!
  2. At the moment its hard to say really isn''t it? How we''ve been playing of late I''m saying no higher than mid table and that would be stretching it. I dont think we will get relegated but if we carry on like this every week, we will be floating above the relegation zone for sure. However if we were to seriously turn things around and really go for it (playes need a serious kick up the a... first though!), the play offs would be pratical for us this season. That said, I think it would do us good to stay in this league, sort ourseleves out and really challenge for promotion next season, with a squad that will fight for promotion and give it their all. (Not like it is at the mo where the players arent doing their best!) This season we have a prem hangover and that aint good! We need to hurry up and recover from this before its too late.
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