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  1. [quote user="premier1"]Oh dear Norwich fans now celebrate taking a point off bottom three Coventry as if they have just won the cup , just goes to show how far down Worthington has taken this club . We cannot beat the bottom or third bottom club , yes i think the season has well and truly been kick started now , god help us when we play a half decent side.[/quote] My thoughts exactly. I''ve just been browsing through the posts and see things such as Worthy''s tactics "worked". Right. We can''t beat a team who are what, 3rd bottom? We also find ourselves 2-0 down within 10 minutes. So just what are our expectation levels as fans now? It seems some are prepared to just watch as we become more and more hopeless every week. "Good peformance" i heard about todays game. "We were the best team by far". Fact: We gained a point against a team we should have beaten TWICE this season if we had any promotion aspirations. Are some fans really prepared to accept these s**t performances and results we have been offered this season by the "best team in the league - on paper"? If so, then the board will be extremely happy. The more they feel we are behind Worthington and themselves, the less likely it is anything will happen this season. Mid table at best, although as Wiz says, relegation is a very, very real possibility. It''s time for some to wake up and smell the coffee, rather than celebrating a 2-all draw with bloody Coventry City.
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