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  1. He was funny last night on that eating challenge....- I like the guy...
  2. I was working in Ipswich on Saturday so had to listen to Radio Suffolk commentary and phone in after game. Mick Mills was the guest commentator. They were very complementary of our team and style of play and stated that only 1or2 of their players would make our line up. As much as I like Rob Butler and co I found their post match discussion and phone in balanced, fair and honest expression of where their team are at, which was a refreshing change from the rose tinted yellow and green views which are expressed on Radio Norfolk. Not a moan against canary call but was interesting to listen to different style of opinion..
  3. I remember being home on leave from Germany and everyone telling me I was mad going to Millwall as it was on tv- however remember going mental in the corner when fleck volleyed the winner at the death.. I also recall being pissed off with saint and greavsie who gave a millwall player MOM as Gunn was outstanding that game... However my fave Norwich match has to be Ipswich away 5-1, I actually thought my heart was gonna burst out of my chest when for the fifth time I had my lad on my shoulders and the players came towards us to celebrate!!! Those moments can''t get any better!!
  4. Although I was wearing the new top- I actually prefer last seasons.... take them both!OTBC!!
  5. nice one s10, I have just read Andy DOUGANS book on the death match-which is an excellant and moving account. After reading it and after being so impressed with Poland I really want to visit Kiev and FC START''S stadium. We had many highlight''s including singing to hundreds of Irish fans "WESLEY''S TOO GOOD FOR..." Which I must say they all agreed with... Never seeing so many absolutely hammered drunk fans at a match- I don''t think there was a sober Irish or Croat fan in the ground. Singing the Polish national anthem at the fanzone and hundreds of them applauding us after we started singing "POLSKA WE WILL SING FOR YOU." Didn''t know what to expect from eastern europe- but loved it!!
  6. Some pics of our Euro tour at Poznan, Poland. Was fantastic time, took in the Ireland v Croatia and Italy Croatia games. Wore our city and England colours all trip- no hassle at all, atmosphere was unbelievable and managed to do the Poznan celebration with the Irish fans in Poznan. Hope you can view photos i''ve uploaded... http://s1067.photobucket.com/albums/u425/jacktt/
  7. Started in Lloyds at 10.00- awesome atmosphere- managed to get filmed walking to ground singing Goin UP UP UP- and was shown on Football league show- back to Riverside, then Prince of wales road- heard players were gonna go to Loyds- so headed back there about 9- itpretty rag state!!Initially bouncers wouldn''t let the 5 of us in with colours- but pal knew manager- so got let in- players started arriving- got pics and quick chat with HOLT, CROFTS, RUSSELL MARTIN, RUDD, ADAMS- truelly unforgettable day.... can''t quite imagine Arsenal, Man u chelsae etc.. players going to local witherspoons and drinking with fans!!!!
  8. Am i the only person thinking today...never mind the royal weddning making the headlines, what about the possibility of US getting promoted..... I can''t think of anything else at the moment and it seems to have taken over my whole life!!!! Just 2 games to go and it will have such an impact on the history of our club for the years to come...... When you remember the depressing times under Roeder and Grant, Gunn and going to the games with no hope or desire for our beloved team. Let''s enjoy the moment, this is what it''s all about..... 2 games to seal our fate, the Premiership, play offs, Championship for another season, the hope Lamberts stays if we don''t go up..... I PICKED MY TEAM AND I FELL IN LOVE, I JUST CAN''T SEEM TO GET ENOUGH................. COME ON!!!!!  
  9. So excited...and nervous- BUT this is what it''s all about- those barren years under Roeder, Grant etc are in the past, to be in the mix on the verge of Premiership is what it''s all about. COME ON!!!!!!!!!
  10. Get in.....just rang ticket office and am successful in priority group 3 ballot....Bring it on. OTBC!!!  
  11. Dave BAXTER turning down double bubble-i don''t believe it.Are you feelin alright mate????  
  12. At the kids christamas party today, the whole squad turned up for autographs and the only player missing was Safri...........
  13. i wonder which norwich will turn up at the den tonight?   the world beaters who can thump utd or the sunday league team who cant beat a bunch of hairy,smelly,hungover junkies!!!  
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