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  1. This thread is spot on, it appears to me that everybody else is to blame apart from the Cheeky Chappie Scousers. Funny how it didn''t happen last year with Arsenal, Ok the Stade De France is bigger but it is a lot easier to get too. Luckily there was no loss of life on Wednesday.  
  2. [quote user="Smudger"] Very true... It is an utter disgrace that over 20,000 tickets were given over to corporate guests for a game that means so much to both sets of fans. The FA have allowed the money men and touts to run big games like this for far too long... It is about time that the FA were shown up for the bunch of money grabbing old farts that they are and returned games such as these back to the real fans!!! [/quote] I agree but it ain''t never going to happen. Sadly the FA have an expensive stadium to pay for thats why we also get the daft event of the FA cup semi''s also at Wembley next year.
  3. [quote user="GJD"] Well here''s hoping, since 5 million still buys quite alot if you spend it wisely. However giving the club five million to spend, while only having a 1% stake in the shares of the club seems very generous indeed. I can''t imagine the ''Turners'' have aquired their wealth by giving money away for no return! [/quote] A 1% share ownership and both of the Turners made Directors in return, imo this is the start of a bigger role for them. Sucession plans are key to any Business and the Suffolk two may have just found part of their plan.
  4. excellent memories of him, but get him back , No. Along with Sutton he should stay in the fans memory and not as part of the future. Good luck to him
  5. Make him Captain next season, he is the best motivator we have
  6. The figures are out and despite a healthy ammount for a club of our capacity Delia and Co are loosing custom. 20096 season ticket holders 06/07 17786 renewed, 12% didn''t 1431 are on the waiting. Assuming they all still want a ticket after last seasons showing there are still 879 season tickets available. Its a start of a trend that people have voted with their feet.  2310 season ticket holders saw enough last season and  the waiting list currently stands at minus 879
  7. are some of the facilities, ie the pool as it cost too much to run, etc still turned off for prudence sake?
  8. Sorry but bye bye to them both. Etuhu - lazy waste of talent Hughes - all effort but not upto it if we are going to progress next year. Both have had thier chance, neither have done enough, unless we are happy as a mid table team
  9. The Spin that wafts out of Carrow Road is the worst idea. Season tickets are great for business. I bet that there are many businesses who wish that their customers would pay upfront for the year no matter what state the goods were. Also if the waiting list is so full why did the ticket office continually phone people who had not renewed just to remind them, and in some cases I know when the ticket holder had stated that they were not going to renew in a previous call?  
  10. aren''t rolling contracts sort of indefinate as each day you wake up your contract starts again. I am sure that the Egyptian Shopkeeper has defined the length of the rolling contract for paying up purposes.
  11. Whats with all this we need a cheap old hand experianced keeper. If PG had used his loaf we could have played Lewis at the end of the last season when we were safe so that the pressure was off him. Whats happened to finding another Gunny, a 33 year old in the twilight of his years (cue Dion replies) is not looking to the future.
  12. [quote user="Salahuddin"]I pray that its true, as long as it isn''t Chase![/quote] But without Chase this board would not have had any land to sell. Now that its all gone they have no ideas how to use the cash they have generated so a fresh approach from a sucessful property chap would be most welcome
  13. I have a copy of the On The Ball City book from the John Bond days signed by all the players. Running it close is a Kevin keelan signature on the back of a Mr Keelan menswear card from his shop in Anglia Square!!
  14. Can''t be them, I have seen Captain canary get the ball in the net!!
  15. SakaGP - what is a real fan? it appears it is one, who in your eyes, is happy to applaud any dross that is served up. Were you happy with Saturday''s performance? If so please explain because in my 30 years at Carrow Road I am struggling to remember such a disinterested disorganised rabble of a team. I pays my money I makes my choice and the "apreciation" shown at half time was well deserved.
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